I try to write about things that I’d like to read on blogs and things that I know interest my readers. Sometimes I venture off the track, 🙂 .

I’ve always had an interest in business ventures because they’re fun, you can make some Cha-ching and most importantly NO JOB is guaranteed. Did you hear that NO JOB IS GUARANTEED! So I was never one to place myself in a position to be at the mercy of one source of income. All you need is for your boss to have a bad day and your financial future could be screwed every which way from Sunday. Ummmm been there, a time or two.  What has prevented the screwed every which way has been my belief that one should never depend solely on one source of income. This is especially important in this economy.


So with all of that said, if you are thinking of starting, expanding or partnering in a business and or entrepreneurial venture check out the 10 videos that should help you along. I saw this information posted on INC and couldn’t wait to share it with my readers.  As usual, I welcome comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. So feel free to post here or leave them directly on my facebook wall.

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