I’ve been reading a lot of opinions about technology and the effects on a child’s brain.  Some seem to think that Technology will make kids stupid. Personally, I believe lack of parental guidance has a higher chance of effecting a child’s intelligence than technology.

Technology and gadgets should be used with parental guidance, which means that as parents we are the boss and we act accordingly. That’s old school parenting. 🙂 As such we determine the amount of technology our kids are exposed to and we take responsibility for the outcome. <sarcasm alert> A rare thing, people actually taking responsibility for their actions anymore. </sarcasm alert>

The goal is to create guidelines and time limits on most things,  technology included so that a kid has a variety of experiences. Some kids can handle more technology use and some can’t, so as adults and parents it’s our job to determine the right amount of usage for each child.  So I don’t believe that technology will effect a child’s intelligence as much as lack of parental guidance. Just sayin’

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