There are a few services that allow you to create your complete profile online.  I must admit to using them ALL. I met and talked to Axel Schultz a few days ago on Empire Avenue and he sent me a QR Code and you KNOW I HAD to scan it. <sidenote>Great example of the networking potential of Empire Avenue</sidenote> There was no way for me to walk away from the QR code. Is there a such thing as QR Code Disease?



Hmmm I’m sure if I talked about it, the Pharma Industry would be more that happy to make QR code disease a “real” disease. They would then have a handy medication that would cause headache, Lupus, liver disease and that may cause a fatal event. Oops Sorry, serious digression and bash to the Pharma Industry. Yeah, um my bad.



So back to Axel Schultz of XeeMe, I scanned the code and it took me to his XeeMe Profile. The breadcrumbs are scattered and I am following.  I cannot resist a QR Code or a New Social Media Channel, so I signed up for XeeMe. I then ventured over to check out what it’s all about thinking that it was another ItsMyUrlsAbout.Me or FullyFollow me all of which are great and that I use often.






What I really like about it is that you can add ALL of your social media channels, not just a portion of them. Since I am a huge Empire Avenue user I was excited that this profile could also be added.   Upon logging in you see the Social Media Scoreboard, Trending Users and The Wall of Fame. You can then log in to view your personal dashboard and this is where the fun begins.







The XeeMee Dashboard is awesome it actually give s breakdown of your popularity, engagement and connections. Since I am an n00b I have quite a few things to complete. However XeeMee is awesome because not only does it provide an avenue for people to connect to your social media channels it offers an opportunity and avenue to engage. Kudos to Axel Schultz &XeeMee! ROCK ON!