Mobile technology has really changed how we communicate. At one time we had to actually sit in our homes, attached to a wall to have a discussion on a landline. However, now due to amazing advancement this is no longer the case, we are literally mobile while we are having our discussions. This has opened the door to so many other things that can be done with mobile devices.


Mobile devices started with giving us an avenue to be mobile while having discussions but has since turned into so much more. Mobile phones are not just for discussion anymore the evolution has taken place and this technology is still evolving.  We now use mobile phones for so many things and discussion are just one of them.


In addition to talking on Mobile devices, they are used to scan QR Codes, NFC codes and texting. Using mobile devices for texting is HUGE and has really taken communication to another level. Take a look at how Texting has changed our lives. in the Infographic Below.


Planet Text
Created by: MBA Online