When I attended College to get my Bachelors Degree ( May of 2000)  there were very few options in the way of online and correspondence courses. You attended class or you had a damn good reason to present to counselors if you could not attend. When wrapping up my Bachelors degree I had a damn good reason, so I had the option of going with a correspondence curriculum for a few months. That was BEYOND sweet!

Ten years later, I returned to school to get my Masters and boy had things changed. Universities were heavily online, using SEO, SEM and Ads to gain your attention in search. Since graduating in July of 2010, some amazing changes in technology have come about and this has spilled over to Colleges and Universities. Now Colleges have a huge online presence, they are on Facebook and Tweeting their messages. Boy how things have changed in just a few years.

Take a look at some of the Colleges and Universities that are really at the top of their Social Media Game. I am really surprised that my Alumni, Full Sail University did not make the list of Social Media heavy hitters

Schools That Rule the Web
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