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I still don’t think companies are really grasping that Times are a’ Changin’ and that Social Media is playing a large role in the those changing times. It seems that even companies that do have a bit of a Internet focus still have old school marketing mentalities.

As consumers we are more in tuned, engaged and socially aware of the companies that we select to do business with. Notice I say SELECT because we have selected the company that we do business with and just as we select we can opt not to select.  Social Media has substantially increased our awareness of the companies that we are doing business with, so companies now have to step their game up in order to be one of the companies that consumers select.

Netflix is just one casualty, of the more socially aware consumer and I am sure that there will be many to follow. Just look at MovieBox, the changes we see are happening faster than we can accept them. Social Media allows us to, not only see and become aware of important changes that effect our lives and our wallets but it also allows us to spread our opinions  in a very viral way to our friends, families and followers by way of social media.

The latest casualty of this growing phenomenon is Klout which I’m sure has felt better about their online reputation before the Kloutpocalypse. The fall out has continued and I’m sure it will continue until people move on to another FAIL.

These things should be a wake up call to companies that are still employing old school tactics without factoring in, the effects of social media on their choices. Most importantly companies “playing at” understanding social media then walking down the path of ingorance in their choices really need to look at the possible repercussions of their actions.

Gone are the days when companies could make choices that effect consumers, their client base and followers and have no fall out.¬† Social Media is here to stay, the voices of the people will be heard and hopefully companies have learned from the Kloutpocalypse and will select NOT to be Netflix’d