Social Media Intern

Woot, woot, you just hired yourself an Intern for nothing and you saved a bunch of money.  This is the first indication that you really don’t GET Social Media. I am not going to spout off my status of  guru, maven or whatever the hell the so called experts are calling themselves these days, because I really don’t consider myself that at all.  Anyone that takes themselves even remotely serious would never consider themselves as such either.  However, my point here is that your perception of the importance of social media is non-existent if you hired a, pimply 20 year old to market your company from his/her fancy computer.  Remember when you were a young pimply 20 year old college kid, as a guy it was beer pong, chicks and being cool. As a girl its beer pong,  guys and being beautiful. Oh yeah and on a side note “I need a few dollars, so let go spam some crap on Twitter and Facebook for this old guys business so I can buy some more beer for, oh yeah..more beer pong tonight…”   My point is, as a business owner you should understand that the value you place on your business and marketing strategies will not be the same as your friendly neighborhood pimply intern  would place on your business. Its really a no brainer.

So ultimately either a person really does not care about their business or they do not really understand the importance of social media/Internet Marketing, the importance that it will play to their business in the present and very very near future.   Social Media will replace at worse and evolve  at best what you currently utilize as your marketing strategy.  YES I said it.  Think about what traditional marketing involved ( yes past tense ) and think about how many of those duties you or others participate in now.  Marketing by way of print has evolved, flyers are not as effective, magazines are going online, yellow pages are scrambling to keep up and what the hell is a newspaper anymore.  Websites are still somewhat relevant, but have been  mostly replaced by blogs. So now that you KNOW your marketing options has, at best changed a tad ( major exaggeration ) you STILL think wow, let me grab pimply intern to rock my marketing world. Ummm FAIL.

It is time to really think about the importance of social media as it pertains to your business, how to create a strategy as you did with your played out traditional marketing campaign and act accordingly.  I know personally, there is not a beer pong playing pimply college intern that I would trust with the future of my business, you shouldn’t either. I really REALLY wonder why anyone would.

So the future of your business could depend on how hung over your intern is when he pushes the spammy tweets while chucking Jello shots. Keep in mind that pimply intern may not be exactly focused on your brand, your company focus or your company message.  How about this for a novel idea, how about you start to get real with social media marketing strategy. First gain an understanding of social media, figure out your goals and implement a plan that doesn’t include, beer pong, jello shots and pushing spammy tweets, by previously referenced pimply intern.

In parting I am going to leave you with a video and quote that made an amazing impact on my view of social media. The video is below and the quote is as follows:

We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it

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