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December 6, 2011

#Facebook, Kids and Grades: Maybe it’s Not As Bad As We Think [Infographic]

Facebook and Education

Facebook and Social Media has literally touched every area of the lives of most people, even those that don’t realized it. As an Internet Marketer I view it as a totally positive thing. What’s not to love.

Well recently Facebook has been under a bit of fire and there have been some statistics that report a negative impact on kids school work due to Facebook usage.   I am pleased to report that maybe it is not quite as bad as we originally thought.  Take a look at the infographic below to give you the facts.

Facebook and Grades

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A Blog is NOT Optional: Whatcha’ waiting for? Start #Blogging.


At one time it was enough to have a website, and in actuality that was not so long ago.  The goal of a traditional website was to provide an avenue in which customers and potential customers could visit to get a feel for your company. It is a bit of a ” Let me check them out…” but on a business level.  So mostly everyone now has a website although I recently discovered a company or two that DID not have a website. I can’t even imagine, however that is totally another blog post.


The first wave of internet, Web 1.0  had everyone create websites, however we are now way past just having a website because we are now in a much more socially engaged world.   Web 2.0, or the social web is an era that is much more social, engaged  and very interested in fresh new content, which surpasses the capabilities of traditional websites.  This has pushed us away from a static website which usually is not regularly updated to provide content fresh enough for the new more engaged Web 2.0 users.  So the need for a blog which provides new, fresh and more engaging content to readers sometimes on a daily basis is not optional but really almost required at this point.


The demand of the more socially engaged readers are more in tuned to companies and organizations that they select to do business with. Not only do they want to check out a company Facebook page but they also want to check out the company blog. They want to feel as if they are getting to know the people behind the company that they are doing business with. This is one of the reasons that blogs are so popular and are a necessity anymore.


In addition to providing content for readers, blogs allow companies to supply an ongoing source of fresh content to Google by way of blog post. This makes the Google Bots happy, feeds the new Google Panda, acts to increase search ranking and provides ongoing brand recognition to customers.  This is a Win – Win scenario for companies! So I say businesses, start blogging because it is no longer optional it is a necessity. Trust me, your competitors are blogging!


As usual, I welcome comments or questions, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. So feel free to leave a comment here, catch me on Twitter, My Facbook Page  or Google+ page.

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Internet Marketing C.O.D.E. #SocialMedia Marketing Beyond Status Updates and 140 Characters

Social Media is quickly taking the place of traditional media, so shouldn’t there be a conscious effort to step up the INTERNET MARKETING game beyond just a Facebook post and 140 characters and link by way of Twitter.  There are so many other channels that need to be tackled if marketers are NOT to be viewed as people just playing on Facebook and Twitter.

One of the benefits of obtaining advanced training, certifications and or Terminal Degrees in Internet Marketing is having the tools and strategic ability to  provide services beyond the page update and tweet.  Social Media can be a very powerful tool if used properly to promote a brand, increase awareness and engage current / potential customers. If your Internet Marketer has more of a strategic background, they will have the ability to uphold and rock the Internet Marketing CODE:

Content: One of the first things that must be planned when creating a marketing strategy is planning the kind of content that will be provided to a particular social media channel. One thing that must be a given, the content must be GREAT. No matter what Content is still King.

  • Original Content: Creation of original blog content is a great way to provide relevant and useful information to followers. It allows a way to put a spin on a topic while providing information of value.
  • Shared Links: There are so many blogs, websites and new sources online that supplying relevant and useful content is easy to do by sharing links to friends, followers and customers by way of social media channels.
  • Curated Content: This is one of the fastest growing segments of social media and it is really growing in popularity due to the ability to supply an abundance of relevant information to followers. Additionally content curation allows the ability to share a variety of opinions by sharing different content from an abundance of sources.

Optimization: There is an abundance of different social media channels, so much so that it is almost overwhelming. When creating an Internet Marketing Strategy it is highly recommended that a selection of different social media channels are selected and the content is then optimized. This involves merging traditional SEO/SEM strategies into the social media marketing plan.

Delivery: After creating great content, then optimizing that content for social media channels the next step is creating an effective way to deliver that content to your followers.  Facebook, Twitter and Stumble Upon is a great vehicle to deliver your content.  These channels should not, by any means be the extent of your Internet Marketing Strategy.

Evolution: One of the most important thing in any Internet Marketing Strategy is to continue to evolve, grow and add more services to your company capabilities. Evolving beyond social media, status updates and 140 characters is something that we all must aspire to.

Internet Marketing CODE: Content, Optimization, Delivery and Evolution is a MUST!

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