At one time it was enough to have a website, and in actuality that was not so long ago.  The goal of a traditional website was to provide an avenue in which customers and potential customers could visit to get a feel for your company. It is a bit of a ” Let me check them out…” but on a business level.  So mostly everyone now has a website although I recently discovered a company or two that DID not have a website. I can’t even imagine, however that is totally another blog post.


The first wave of internet, Web 1.0  had everyone create websites, however we are now way past just having a website because we are now in a much more socially engaged world.   Web 2.0, or the social web is an era that is much more social, engaged  and very interested in fresh new content, which surpasses the capabilities of traditional websites.  This has pushed us away from a static website which usually is not regularly updated to provide content fresh enough for the new more engaged Web 2.0 users.  So the need for a blog which provides new, fresh and more engaging content to readers sometimes on a daily basis is not optional but really almost required at this point.


The demand of the more socially engaged readers are more in tuned to companies and organizations that they select to do business with. Not only do they want to check out a company Facebook page but they also want to check out the company blog. They want to feel as if they are getting to know the people behind the company that they are doing business with. This is one of the reasons that blogs are so popular and are a necessity anymore.


In addition to providing content for readers, blogs allow companies to supply an ongoing source of fresh content to Google by way of blog post. This makes the Google Bots happy, feeds the new Google Panda, acts to increase search ranking and provides ongoing brand recognition to customers.  This is a Win – Win scenario for companies! So I say businesses, start blogging because it is no longer optional it is a necessity. Trust me, your competitors are blogging!


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