As we acquire more Social Media Channels the workload related to maintaing these channels tend to grow until you notice that a good portion of your day is dominated by maintaining your social media channels. Don’t get me wrong if you are in any business there MUST be a certain degree of time that must be dedicated to social media. If you are in a social media driven industry you it is not even optional, you must have your game tight because your social media footprint is a resume of sorts.  So as you display your capabilities by way of your social media presence, the amount of hours sucked away by doing this can add up and become overwhelming unless you get a handle on it.

I was very resistant to using a lot of the tools that are available to help effectively manage an online presence, foolishly so I admit. I am the first to acknowledge and rectify any mistakes that I make. After that I write about them 🙂 I hear a lot of opinions on scheduling and/or automating, I think we all reach a point when it’s not even optional anymore. We are physically only able to do as much as time allows, so at some point, some portion of social media will just HAVE to be scheduled and/or automated.

So, I recently have started using a few really amazing applications to schedule my post, which have  substantially assisted in time management in regard to social media and marketing of my online presence. I tend to want to dive into any and all new platforms so I end up spending so much time using these that it becomes very time consuming.  Well I am using the following:

LaterBro is a free application that allow me to set up my tweets. So far so good and I am loving this because it allows me to take just a bit of time to schedule everything.  This has decrease the huge push of content at one time, spread my content based tweets out in increments and increased my ReTweets. I love that I am now allowed to send more content without being chained to my computers. Since setting this up I am now able to engage more with friends and followers. Set it and forget it!

Buffer is amazing as well, I just started using this application also.  I use the FREE version of Buffer and I only use it to schedule my Facebook Page posts. Buffer is a very powerful tool because after you start to use it you notice Buffer as an option for Twitter and this allows you to add posts that you’ve viewed. You can then add that content to your Buffer to be posted later.  There is also, a Chrome Extension that offers the same capabilities. AWESOME SAUCE!

WordPress Tweet Old Posts allows you to tweet some of the old posts that you’ve created that some people may have missed. This is amazing because it allows me to supply friends and followers with content from my QR Code blog that may have been missed in previously postings.  This, too is huge because it allows a lot of great content to be read and shared.

Due to the implementation of these tools I have been able to keep my promise to my father & son that I would get more sleep and manage my time better. As usual, I welcome any dialogue so feel free to leave a comment here, catch me on Twitter or post directly on my Facebook or Google+ Page.

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