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December 14, 2011

Millennials Are Rockin’ Technology But Don’t Rule Out The Rest of Us [Infographic]


Millennials ( 18 -29 year olds) are the primary target market for so many industries, technology is just one of them. However there Gen Xers are right behind them in regard to technology.   If you are considering using Millennials in any marketing campaign as your demographic, check out the information in the Infographic below, it will give you an idea if you are on there right path.

Created by: Online Graduate Programs


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The Importance of Flickr In Your Marketing Mix


When I talk Social Media with people, clients and potential clients the focus is really placed on Facebook.  I absolutely love the power of Facebook, because of the huge number of people that are engaged in sharing amazing content on a daily basis.  I am lucky to have an amazing group of people sharing amazing information on a regular basis.  Facebook is HUGE, but we can’t get lost in its power and do ourselves a disservice to our entire social media presence.

Think about some of the things that are shared on Facebook.   We see news stories, video and pictures. Yes, lots and lots of pictures because people LOVE pictures. This is primarily because as humans we are visual and we love things that provide visual stimulation.  So why not indulge the senses of many by providing a place for your images and add  little boost to your social media presence in the process by using Flickr. I absolutely LOVE my Flickr Account and I use it on a regular basis for  my social media needs.

Flickr offers a few wonderful things:

  • Photo Storage: It allows you to store a huge amount of photos for FREE and a larger amount for a minimal fee if you need a Pro Membership.
  • Web Images: Once you store your images on Flickr they can be easily grabbed for blog posts and websites.
  • Photo Sharing:  After your images are stored on Flickr you can opt to share the photos with others  ( or not ) to use for their blogs and websites.
  • Social Media Optimization: If you use your Flickr images for your blog posts add the URL to that image in the description field. This allows those that view and or use your images to check out your blog posts as well. Also remember to tag your images properly for effective optimization.

The importance of images are often overlooked when we think about Social Media but think about how many times we search for images then you will realize how important Flickr and photo sharing sites are. I would go so far as to say that they should always be utilized as an effective part of a Social Media Optimization Plan.


So what are you waiting for stop reading and start Flickr-ing. Yes,  I did just make that word up.



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@Kred Beyond Influence: What You NEED To Know @PBrowsrJoshua


Everyone that knows me really REALLY knows that my attention span when listening to webinars, during meetings and attending class is negative 100, if not lower.  I must really have a strong interest if I sign up and a stronger interest if I actually DO NOT multitask through the entire experience.  So when I was asked to meet with Joshua at PeopleBrowsr for a demo of Kred, I was initially like WTH and why would I need a demo. Then I took a look at the platform, realized that there was way more to it than I originally thought and scheduled the demo.

The first thing that I learned about Kred was that they are a part of PeopleBrowsr which is a very powerful Social Analytics Platform. I soon realized how much they rocked as the presentation went on.  Another very important thing that I learned was that they are REALLY TRANSPARENT, not the blowing smoke up your ( cough cough) as some other platforms claim.


Kred demonstrates your social influence and displays exactly how the scores were compiled, how the numbers were calculated and all in real time.  Kred has areas of focus, Communities in which a person can have influence, this is based on Twitter profiles.  This area of influence is NOT necessarily based on YOUR Twitter profile but the profile, and keywords of your followers profile. For instance one of my influence areas is Sailing ( everyone that knows me is laughing Def Comedy Jam hard now because I have an extreme water phobia ) but this category is NOT what my interests are but the interests of a LOT of the people that I am engaged with.


So on a side money making note, this is HUGE for business because if there were companies interested in marketing to a Sailing demographic I would be the person that could be used to get to this audience.

Kred Scores are based on an Influence Score and an Outreach Score and focused in different Communities or areas of influence as stated above. So as I describe above I have an area of influence in Sailing so I would have an Influence and Outreach Score for this category.


The Influence Score:


Kred Influence is the measure of what others do because of you. Influence increases when others take action because of your content. Your Influence score increases when someone retweets, @replies or follows you.

The Outreach Score:


Kred Outreach is the measure of your generosity. Outreach increases when you retweet, @reply, or follow a new person. As you accumulate Outreach Points, you move to a higher Outreach Level. Because Outreach Points are a reward for being active and benevolent, your Outreach Level never goes down.

Outreach Points are earned anytime you do something generous for someone else. Outreach can never go down because we believe that the capacity for generosity is infinite.

To read more about Influence and Outreach check out the rules

The above is just a small portion of what PeopleBrowser and Kred has to offer. I suggest you try to get an invite to Kred because, THIS is HUGE for individuals and businesses. Most importantly this is why Kred is going to rock the world of Influence in regard to Social Media, Social Analytics and More.

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