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December 22, 2011

Blog Traffic, Think Tribe ..Go #Triberr



When I originally started blogging it was almost a forced effort on my part. I had just finished Grad School in one year and the thought of writing anything longer than my name was really like WTH. However I knew that blogging would have to play a huge role in my marketing strategy.  As I started writing, I soon realized that not only was this a part of my strategy but,  I really LOVED blogging.

I got started with Blogger, then ventured to Posterous and then grabbed a Tumblr. So I’ve pretty much had a trial run on every popular blogging platform. A few months ago Posterous, which was my primary blogging format after trying the others, jumped the shark. Ok, maybe Posterous did not jump the shark but they no longer fulfilled my blogging needs due to a format change. So with the encouragement from my friend Tami at AriesGDIM,  I moved everything to WordPress. Since I was a bit of a WordPress basher initially, this was a big move for me and I am so happy that I made the move.   I have been very happy with my transition to WordPress and I am using and

Well, now here I am happy to blogging, excited about my new format but I lost most of my followers due to the transition from Posterous to WordPress. What to do, what to do?  Well along comes Michael Q Todd with an invite to Triberr. What the heck is a Triberr, was my immediate thought.  I did a bit of investigating, then jumped right in because it was exactly what I needed for my new WordPress blogs.

I had an opportunity to join a few other Tribes on Triberr but some of those did not work out so well.  One of the most important things about going with a tribe is to make sure the content is a good fit for your marketing strategy and Twitter followers.  

So, what is Triberr you ask? Triberr is quite simply Blog Juice because the platform allows you to get an amazing amount of blog traffic due to joining a Tribe of bloggers that share your content with their Twitter followers.  You also share their blog content with your Twitter followers. This can be an amazing boost for your blog, as well as allowing you to connect with amazing bloggers. Ultimately it can really be a win – win for everyone in a Tribe if  the right content is flowing through the Tribe.

I am a member of two wonderful Tribes, I love the content that flows through the Tribes and I am happy with the traffic that my blog has received.

A few things that you should consider when selecting a Tribe is:

  • Make sure the content that you share is similar to your content
  • Make sure the content is complementary to your style
  • Make sure the content would be of interest to your Twitter followers

Also if you join a Tribe and the content is not to your satisfaction,  you can always leave that Tribe. It’s NOT The Fugitive, you will NOT blow up. Just write the person that invited you a short note explaining why you left and then bounce. 🙂

In a parting note, remember that once you join Triberr you can create a Tribe of your own, to extend your Blog Juice even farther.  Happy Blogging!

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BEYOND Social Media: #Technology, #Immersive Web and Our NEAR Future

Future Technologies


As we all know Social Media is HUGE, I would go as far as to say that it is really the future of Internet Marketing.  Maybe I should say that it is a huge PART of Internet Marketing.   Social Media is a very important part of the Web 2.0 movement which has allowed us to think of Internet Technologies in a much different way that we though of them in the early stages of the Internet or Web 1.0

We are well into Web 2.0 and moving toward more advanced web technologies as we speak.  Web 2.o moved us to a much more engagement focused way of communication online.   New web technologies will give us a much more immersive web experience, it will be as if we are becoming one with technology. This will move us way beyond engaging and interacting with our online experience.

Technology has started to move us in the direction of providing the ability to literally live, breathe and feel the technology.  These technologies are evolving and moving to mainstream as we speak.

Second Life is a virtual world that has been around for quite a while  and it offers the ability to immerse ourselves into the technology by allowing a person to created an avatar of themselves and literally live, work and play within a virtual world. It even offers an avenue to create structures, buildings and homes.   Although Second Life has been around for a while it is said that more organizations will be developing similar  virtual worlds like platforms  to bring a true immersive experience as we move closer  to Web 3.0. There has even been talk of merging Augmented Reality and Virtual Worlds. The nerd in me is totally doing the happy dance.

More and more companies are using virtual worlds for online education, virtual meetings, trade shows and conferences. I anticipate that the growth of the global workforce, telecommuting and online universities will see a higher demand for usage within the virtual world and or 3D space.

With companies and Universities diving into technologies that bridge the gap between real world and virtual world we all will have to familiarize ourselves with these technologies.  Some additional technologies that you should keep an eye on:

Take a look at some of the videos below that will give you an idea of how far we’ve come to where we are going next with

Early Internet

Web 1.0 -3.0

Second Life: Virtual Worlds

The Semantic Web, The future

Augmented Reality

Immersive Web

Augmented City 3D from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

I would love some feedback! Let me know you think, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. Feel free to catch me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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