The past few years have been really tough for the economy in the United States, but it looks as if ( fingers crossed ) we are looking at a bit of a rebound now. With economic growth and movement so does the need to acknowledge how things have indeed changed while were focused upon the economy.

One of the biggest changes that has happened is the socialization of technology and the movement toward a more engaging way to communicate.  These changes have happened in every aspect of our lives and more-so in the workplace.  The workplace is now almost forced to reevaluate the way they’ve been doing business for many years to incorporate different strategies. This will involve improving technology within the workplace and that means an influx of hiring of employees needed to fulfill those technology needs.

Take a look at a some of the industries listed as in demand by 

Software Engineers and Web Developers

The demand for top-tier engineering talent sharply outweighs the supply in almost every market especially in San Francisco, New York, and Boston.  This is a major, major pain point and problem that almost every company is facing, regardless of the technology “stack” their engineers are working on.

Creative Design and User Experience

After engineers, the biggest challenge for companies is finding high-quality creative design and user-experience talent.  Since almost every company is trying to create a highly compelling user experience that keeps people engaged with their product, it is tough to find people who have this type of experience (especially with mobile devices including tablets) and a demonstrated track record of success.

Product Management

It is always helpful for an early-stage company to hire someone who has very relevant and specific experience in your industry.  This is especially true for product management, since the person in this role will interface with customers and define the product strategy and use cases.  However, be prepared, as it will be a challenge to find people with experience in these high-growth industries: consumer web, e-commerce, mobile, software as a service, and cloud computing.


I’m not talking about old-school marketing communications. Companies are looking for expert online marketers who know how to create a buzz of inbound marketing or viral traffic through the web, social media, and content discovery.  Writing a good press release just doesn’t cut it anymore, as everyone is looking for the savvy online marketing professional who understands how the current state of the web operates and knows how to make it work to their benefit.


Since data is becoming more and more accessible, smart companies are increasingly making decisions driven by metrics.  Analytics is becoming a central hub across companies where everything (web, marketing, sales, operations) is being measured and each decision is supported by data.  Thus, we are seeing a high level of demand for analytics and business intelligence professionals who almost act like internal consultants; they help determine what should be measured and then build out the capability for a company.

How awesome is that??  So if you are in any of these fields and you are looking update your resume, create an online resume and clean up your Social Media Profiles. Lets rock this year Techies!

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