The influx of the self appointed Social Media Guru, I believe is motivated by the need of old school organizations to pigeon hole, define and quantify an industry that they do not understand based on antiquated and old school usage standards.  So people that are in the industry feel compelled to meet qualifications that are unrealistic and quite frankly not true.  Social Media as we know it for business is a relatively new industry so all of the Social Media Gurus claiming to have 10 years experience are lying. Yes, I said it!

The driving force behind social media in the earlier stages, for individuals and businesses was driven primarily by Facebook and Twitter. These social media platforms, although they feel as if they have been around forever, have not. They are both really relatively new forms of media and have only been around for a few years.

Facebook was just created in 2004, that is about 7 years ago.   I guarantee there were absolutely NO businesses using Facebook back then as a business tool.  Business started to jump on the Facebook bandwagon with the introduction of Facebook Pages. It was at this point that businesses were able to create a space for their business NOT just their personal social media presence and that happened with the introduction of pages in 2009.


I am not saying that online interaction was nonexistent in the earliest stages of the Internet hitting mainstream. I am saying that businesses were not involved with Social Media as it is now and that there were NO Social Media Guru’s around. So in essence it is impossible for anyone to claim to have ten years experience or expect social media marketers to have ten years of experience when there was really no such thing as social media as we know it ten years ago.

I do understand that marketing online has been around since the 1990’s when the Internet started to go mainstream but it was at best in its earliest stages.  As an early adopter I was involved and fascinated by the Internet and the ability to have access to so much information. Most of the marketing by way of what was called the World Wide Web then consisted of very basic online stores and affiliate marketing by some of the companies that were around in the earliest stages of the Internet.

Social Media for business is VERY New in comparison to the more traditional marketing strategies and we are all learning and growing with this industry.  Since it is still so new and, at  best in the earliest stages of growth, there are NO SOCIAL MEDIA GURUS and NO ONE HAS TEN YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in Social Media as we know it now. Furthermore you should really stop saying it because it makes you sound like an idiot. I say that with love in my heart. 🙂

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