I’ve talked to a few people in primarily sales industries that have yet to add a little Social Media to their presence.  Coming from a sales background I do indeed understand the time constraints and things involved with meeting with clients, follow up calls, presentations and more. This can all leave a little time for anything else.

If you are in a more traditional organization that has not embraced Social Media organization-wide there are still things you can do to get yourself out there socially. We are quickly reaching a time with social media that we MUST have a presence. As consumers when we find about a company that is selling something of interest for us we immediately search for a Facebook Page, Twitter page and blog. So these are essential in any business but can really be particularly beneficial to people in account management and sales where it’s imperative that you reach new prospects on a regular basis.  Social media is the best way to do this, while keeping abreast of what is going on with your industry with the more social media savvy folks.

Some things to get you started:

  • Linkedin:  One of the most popular professional social media channels is LinkedIn. It offers an opportunity to create a professional profile, a company profile and reach out to connect to possible prospects
  • Facebook Business Page: Create a business page for your business and connect to people that have an interest in your services and clients. Add the Facebook widget to your blog so you can gain followers on your blog as well.
  • Twitter: Create a Twitter page and provide essential and helpful tips about your industry. Remember,  do not shove your sales pitch at your followers. Twitter is about sharing and engaging NOT pushing your products and services. It is fine to offer information about your services occasionally but be careful about how much.
  • YouTube: People love video so record a 30 second commercial about your products and service. Add this to your YouTube channel.  Create additional videos about your services, tutorials and videos that you  think you followers would find helpful.
  • Blog: Create a blog and provide information on your blog about your industry that would be of help to your followers. Share your blog on your Facebook Business page and Twitter channel.
  •  Is a very powerful networking platforms that allows you to extend your network and provides one URL for all of your social media channels.
  • BrandMyMail:  After you create you channels add them to your email!  I just found an amazing FREE service that allows you to make your email more SOCIAL and I love it.  BrandMyMail allows you to create a custom look to your and add all of the Social Media channels that you just created! For The WIN!!!  Take a look at the video tutorial below.

As usual, I welcome all comments good, bad, ugly or indifferent. Feel free to leave a comment here, catch me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+

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