I just heard that due to political issues in the Middle East there may be an issue with allowing oil to the US, this could potentially push gas prices up to as much as $5.00 per gallon by the summertime.  I anticipate that this may cause an undo burden upon everyone. The workforce and employees may very well be effected by this more than most, especially those  with a longer commute.

This could be an opportunity for employers to consider telecommuting as an option for positions and employes that would benefit.  The amazing thing about this option is that due to technology it is really possible to make telecommuting a very real and beneficial thing to all involved. The could be a win-win situation for all involved.

Sun Microsystems saved more than $67 million in real estate expenses in 2006 when they shifted 18,000 workers into a telecommuting operation, and Sun saves more than $70 million every fiscal year on real estate costs and operating expenses due to their use of telecommuting workers.

That is some amazing statistics on the benefits of Telecommuting!  Take a look at the cost of commuting below:


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