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December 2011

BEYOND Social Media: #Technology, #Immersive Web and Our NEAR Future

Future Technologies


As we all know Social Media is HUGE, I would go as far as to say that it is really the future of Internet Marketing.  Maybe I should say that it is a huge PART of Internet Marketing.   Social Media is a very important part of the Web 2.0 movement which has allowed us to think of Internet Technologies in a much different way that we though of them in the early stages of the Internet or Web 1.0

We are well into Web 2.0 and moving toward more advanced web technologies as we speak.  Web 2.o moved us to a much more engagement focused way of communication online.   New web technologies will give us a much more immersive web experience, it will be as if we are becoming one with technology. This will move us way beyond engaging and interacting with our online experience.

Technology has started to move us in the direction of providing the ability to literally live, breathe and feel the technology.  These technologies are evolving and moving to mainstream as we speak.

Second Life is a virtual world that has been around for quite a while  and it offers the ability to immerse ourselves into the technology by allowing a person to created an avatar of themselves and literally live, work and play within a virtual world. It even offers an avenue to create structures, buildings and homes.   Although Second Life has been around for a while it is said that more organizations will be developing similar  virtual worlds like platforms  to bring a true immersive experience as we move closer  to Web 3.0. There has even been talk of merging Augmented Reality and Virtual Worlds. The nerd in me is totally doing the happy dance.

More and more companies are using virtual worlds for online education, virtual meetings, trade shows and conferences. I anticipate that the growth of the global workforce, telecommuting and online universities will see a higher demand for usage within the virtual world and or 3D space.

With companies and Universities diving into technologies that bridge the gap between real world and virtual world we all will have to familiarize ourselves with these technologies.  Some additional technologies that you should keep an eye on:

Take a look at some of the videos below that will give you an idea of how far we’ve come to where we are going next with

Early Internet

Web 1.0 -3.0

Second Life: Virtual Worlds

The Semantic Web, The future

Augmented Reality

Immersive Web

Augmented City 3D from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

I would love some feedback! Let me know you think, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. Feel free to catch me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Add Some #Google Juice To Your Static Website

Google Juice
Traditional static websites are very 90’s, this is primarily due to so much growth in technology. There are mobile sites, Social Media and Blogs, all of which are huge competition for traditional static websites. I say static because a traditional website is not usually updated on a regular basis, which means the content is static.

A lot of people have huge, fancy web presences with all sorts of bells and whistles, so I would never suggest scrapping a site that more than likely cost quite a few bucks to create.  That is unless you had plans to revamp anyway.   If you are revamping or creating a new site I would say go right for the WordPress Blog.  If not I would suggest adding a blog to your current site.

Google Juice
Image by Johannes P Osterhoff via Flickr

Blogs are a huge way to offer dynamic, rich, new and fresh content to any web presence. Even if you have a static website you can create a blog and link that into the navigation of your website. You could also link your website into the navigation of blog. The great thing about creation of a blog is that is adds Google Juice to your website.  When I say Google Juice I mean providing  fresh content to your website by way of blog.

There are a wide variety of options when you go with blog creation, but if you select to integrate the blog into your website by way of link in navigation you should consider trying to match the look of your blog as close as you can. One of the best options for this would be a self hosted WordPress blog. Once you have your blog up and running add social elements to your blog, Facebook widget, Twitter feed, Flickr feed  and social media sharing options.

Fresh content by way of blog and social media is rumored to be the new SEO, due to the changes that were recently make with Google’s implementation of Panda.

As usual, I welcome all comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. Feel free to leave comments here or catch up to me on Twitter, Facebook and or Google+ 

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#Cloud Computing & Smacking Down Old School Organizational Structures


I recently wrote about organizations with old school marketing departments and how they will be soon rendered useless. Well, I think I was less harsh with the phrasing, however you all know what I mean. Well, if you think beyond the Marketing Departments of these organizations you will realize that companies and organizations that have held on to an old school way of marketing are usually holding on to an old school way of doing business as well.

Old school organizational structures are a thing of the past. This is primarily due to the growth of technology, social media and companies becoming more global.  As technology grows so does the mindset of employees and potential employees. This can present a challenge to organziations if they are running the company as they did in 1980. We will not even discuss companies that have not changed their way of operating since  the 1960’s or before.

Times have changed, people have changed, technology has changed and companies have to adapt their business structure accordingly.  Some technology changes that have had the biggest impact on workers are mobile technologies. These technologies allow workers to think outside of The CUBE. This means that options for talented employees will grow due to the ability to become more mobile with the growth of technology.  Technology is allowing employees to think outside of their immediate commutable area because they are reaching the point in technology growth that they will no longer be limited by distance. Mobile technology is allowing this to happen right before our eyes. The advancement in computer technologies which has brought us Tablets and Smartphones has moved us that much closer to  true mobility in workplace or workforce I should say.

English: Cloud Computing visual diagram
Image via Wikipedia

Cloud computing is one of the final pieces of the puzzle that will allow employees to be totally mobile. This is HUGE for employees because it will allow them to unchain themselves from their cubicle.  This is a great thing for employees that are thinking of  expanding their opportunities. However this may present challenges to the old school organization that have not remained abreast of the growth in technologies.

Cloud computing will allow workplaces to essential remove the need to have a huge server/computer room which is currently used for maintaining data storage and integrity.  Cloud computing allows this data to be stored in “The Cloud”  which allows the information to be ready accessible by all with permission to utilize it. Can we say HUGE??

If companies are able to implement this properly it will allow employees to be cubicle-less and totally mobile. Although this is huge for employees because it would allow them the ability to work from home, work from the beach, work from a little bistro in Italy if they choose. This can also benefit employers as well.

Companies can view this as a negative as some old school organizations may, but it can be viewed as a positive for companies as well. As an organization that is receptive to change, has embraced new technologies, and a change in organizational structure this will give them the opportunity to scout talent beyond the local area. This means increasing the chances of implementing a more global employee base. The ability to grab the best and most talent employees from any location in the world will increase with the acceptance of  Cloud Computing.  Again, this is HUGE.

So ultimately everyone can view these technological advancements as a win win for all. Cloud Computing is a game changer to employees and employers. How we chose to view these changes will determine how we adapt moving forward as employees and employers.


As usual, I welcome comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. So feel free to leave a comment here, or catch  me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.


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YOUR Marketing Department is Obsolete and You are a Fossil


Marketing as it once was is totally obsolete, which means the way in which you are pushing your message is NOT effective at worse and not as effective as it once was at the very best. Either way it is really time to reevaluate how you are marketing your business. YES I went there!

I know that there are some things that can’t be altered and or changed but there has to be a system wide organizational adaption to New Media Marketing Technologies or your company will indeed go the route of the Steel Mills in Allentown. I am Singing, Living Here in Allentown by Billy Joel.

I would say that Times are-a-changing but we are beyond that now. We have totally transcending what traditional marketing and media once was to where we are now. We are living in a much more social world, and honestly I can’t see it moving backward to embrace what once was.  So ultimately, no one cares about your marketing chain of command, how you use to market your organization or your pre-packaged message from the “POWERS THAT BE” of your organization. It is quite frankly time to adapt or die.

We are so much beyond traditional marketing that even your companies traditional static web presence has gone the route of tyrannosaurus rex. People, consumers, clients and potential clients want to know what your company is about, they need to hear news, they want to see your pictures, they want to see the company picnic videos ect., NOT  the prepackage message that the stodgy old board members worked on creating for the last 8 weeks.

Companies that still don’t have a blog, Twitter presence, Facebook presence, Flickr presence, Google+ Brand Page and YouTube video channel are screwed until thet opt to get with the program.  This is primarily because technology is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds. People that are totally engrossed in technology and its advancements still feel like n00bs because things are growing so fast.

We are now in the later stages of Web 2.0 which is social and engaging technological platforms and moving toward Web 3.0 which is Semantic & Immersive Web Technologies, Augmented Reality, 3D and 4D Technologies and more. So it’s really time to catch up and catch up fast.  Some of the things that you need to do NOW:

  • Create a Corporate Blog: Talk about your company, what you do, your staff and company events. Share your videos and pics in your blog posts. People love pics and videos it allows them to see what your company is about beyond the corporate image.
  • Make a Facebook Business Page: Talk to your followers, share information that is of value to them. Share videos, and pics.
  • Start a Twitter presence: Share information and engage, DO NOT push your prepackaged message down the throats of your follower.
  • Create a YouTube Channel: Create videos about your company, events, charity events and more. Share your videos within your social media channels.
  • Create a Google+ Brand Page: Share your blog, events, pics from Flickr, videos from Youtube, talk and engage with your followers. Get to know your peeps, dude.
  • Add Flickr to your mix: Take pics of your office,  your employees, events, parties and charity events. Share your pics in your blogs and in your social media mix.

Technology growth is not going to stop for you and your company to catch up. The speed in which technology is growing is faster than even the tech focused can keep up with sometimes. It is beyond imperative that you implement some new marketing strategies into your old school marketing mix at the least. At best I say, scrap  a huge portion of your lame outdated traditional marketing mix, go Web 3.0 and go with a full speed ahead new marketing technology mix. Some things that you can do add a little new media marketing to your mix:

  • Consult with some new fresh blood if you have an old school marketing department
  • Add some QR codes to your Print Ads
  • Look at Augmented Reality a way to spice up your campaigns
  • Add a blog to your static website so you can provide fresh content often
  • Add a mobile website & add an automatic redirect for your web/blog . This allows your website/blog visitors to automatically be routed to your mobile site when they are on their mobile device.
  • Created QR Code Campaigns and steer them toward your mobile site.
  • Optimize all of your Social Media Platforms
Ok, get to work! Let me know what you implement and how you make out. Seriously.  Get Social or Die!
As usual, I welcome comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. So feel free to leave a message here, catch me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.
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What You Need To Do Before #Facebook Timeline Is Implemented

After getting a sneak peak at the Facebook convention when Timeline was introduced to the world, I was very excited to get it moving and to implement this for my Facebook profile. So, since I was a Facebook developer I had an opportunity to move forward with Timeline immediately. I actually thought that the roll out would be right behind. However that has not been the case, it has not rolled out and many have NOT moved forward with Timeline. I cant imagine why, because it is really cool.

Well Facebook will be rolling out the official Timeline for all sooner rather than later for those that are ready or not.  So for all that have resisted the urge to upgrade, it is time.  The layout is very different than the old layout that we are use to.  I am very biased but I really LOVE the look of it, the functionality and the ability to customize it.

Check Before you Implement Timeline

  • Check your settings: I do know that all of your setting are suppose to move over; however, I would check them anyway.
  • Check your lists if you had lists: Like settings, these were suppose to carry over to Timeline but I would check them just to make sure. I do remember that the lists that I had displayed on my front page before I implemented Timeline were no longer on display but they lists were still intact, but no longer displayed
  • Check for old post that you may not want to be viewed: This was a biggie for me, because I had an old rant or two that was no longer applicable LOL that I did not want displayed in my Timeline. So make sure you go through and delete any posts that you may not want displayed.  Unless you are an angel and never used Facebook to rant. Don’t judge me people. 🙂
Cool Perks
  • Add a cool Cover Photo : You will have the ability to add a cool photo as a focus point on your Timeline. This is really cool!
  • Hide From TimeLine: When people post crap to your page you can hide it. Oops did I say that? LOL Well unless you want to display all your Farmville, Castleville, WasteOfTimeVille postings. Now you can opt to hide them easily, if you chose to do so.
  • Post View List: When you post anything you have an, easy to use option, that allows you to display posts to different people, lists etc. So you can select to display certain posts to different groups of people. Now you don’t have to worry about your boss seeing the holiday party pics but you can opt to show them them to the friends that got wasted and made fools of themselves. Not that you would do that or anything. 🙂
  • Life Events: Is really cool, it allows you to add things that are important in your life from the past and present. You can add, wedding, anniversaries, births, graduations and more.

If you are ready, why wait for it to roll out get it now!

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#Twitter: Doing it in 140 Characters


I’ve talked to so many people that are transitioning from traditional marketing strategies to new media marketing technologies that have not started to use Twitter yet.  When I ask why, I got the same response that I had for  people before I started using Twitter more effectively, “What the heck can I say within 140 characters that would be relevant.” That was of course before, I became a HUGE  fan of Twitter.

We have to look beyond the ability of the 140 character limit and really see the huge potential of Twitter. This is especially true for businesses that are just starting to really move into the social space.  The first appeal of Twitter is building your brand identity, which is HUGE for smaller businesses that have minimal online presence.  Creation of a free Twitter account allows you to immediately start your journey in building your brand recognition in your business area of focus.

The second appeal of Twitter is that is can be used as a vehicle to expose more people to your brand, message, products and promotions if you have a sales focused business.  Twitter is not so much about pushing the ” buy this..I’m selling this…blah…blah..blah” ,  that is more of a traditional sales pitch. Twitter is more about sharing your knowledge on a subject, interacting with people and providing content that is useful to followers.  So Twitter is really NOT about your message push but more about building a relationship with your friend and followers.

Building quality followers, this, I would say is an essential focus of having an effective Twitter presence.  Once you decide to dive into the Twitter space it is essential that you build a following of quality people.  I’ve found that building this organically has worked for me, which means the “I can get you 250,000 Twitter followers in 3 minutes” is super lame, especially when most people that are pushing that don’t even have 250,000 followers themselves.  That is, however another blog post for a different time. 🙂 Back on topic,  I simply follow people that I have an interest in, that are involved with my industry and/or that may be interested in the content that I provide.

Finally, one of the most important thing about building an engaging following is providing content that is of value to the people that follow you. Again, this is SO not about you and pushing your sales pitch. This is about providing content that is of value, that answers questions and / or that provides insight on a subject.  Initially you may not be sure what content is of value to your followers but as you get to know your followers, you will gain insight about what kind of content is appreciated and what kind is not.  If you get responses, thank yous’ and retweets the content is good, but if you get WTH, unfollows and tweets with ???, not so much. LOL . Its all trial and error.  So, stop reading and start Tweeting.

As usual, I welcome comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. So feel free to leave me a comment here, catch me on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.

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Millennials Are Rockin’ Technology But Don’t Rule Out The Rest of Us [Infographic]


Millennials ( 18 -29 year olds) are the primary target market for so many industries, technology is just one of them. However there Gen Xers are right behind them in regard to technology.   If you are considering using Millennials in any marketing campaign as your demographic, check out the information in the Infographic below, it will give you an idea if you are on there right path.

Created by: Online Graduate Programs


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The Importance of Flickr In Your Marketing Mix


When I talk Social Media with people, clients and potential clients the focus is really placed on Facebook.  I absolutely love the power of Facebook, because of the huge number of people that are engaged in sharing amazing content on a daily basis.  I am lucky to have an amazing group of people sharing amazing information on a regular basis.  Facebook is HUGE, but we can’t get lost in its power and do ourselves a disservice to our entire social media presence.

Think about some of the things that are shared on Facebook.   We see news stories, video and pictures. Yes, lots and lots of pictures because people LOVE pictures. This is primarily because as humans we are visual and we love things that provide visual stimulation.  So why not indulge the senses of many by providing a place for your images and add  little boost to your social media presence in the process by using Flickr. I absolutely LOVE my Flickr Account and I use it on a regular basis for  my social media needs.

Flickr offers a few wonderful things:

  • Photo Storage: It allows you to store a huge amount of photos for FREE and a larger amount for a minimal fee if you need a Pro Membership.
  • Web Images: Once you store your images on Flickr they can be easily grabbed for blog posts and websites.
  • Photo Sharing:  After your images are stored on Flickr you can opt to share the photos with others  ( or not ) to use for their blogs and websites.
  • Social Media Optimization: If you use your Flickr images for your blog posts add the URL to that image in the description field. This allows those that view and or use your images to check out your blog posts as well. Also remember to tag your images properly for effective optimization.

The importance of images are often overlooked when we think about Social Media but think about how many times we search for images then you will realize how important Flickr and photo sharing sites are. I would go so far as to say that they should always be utilized as an effective part of a Social Media Optimization Plan.


So what are you waiting for stop reading and start Flickr-ing. Yes,  I did just make that word up.



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