#XeeMe: If you're online you NEED to be on @XeeMe

This is 2012 and its a perfect time to bring organization to your life, every aspect of your life so this includes your social media channels as well. I am a HUGE advocate of social media and trying the many channels that are constantly being introduced. There are so many platforms to try, that  it can get to the point where keeping up with these channels can become overwhelming.

I started keeping track of all of my channels by way of little notebook. Seriously? What a fail on my part because I literally ran out of pages, it became extremely unruly and just quite frankly just a little silly of me.  I don’t know what I was thinking to try to keep track of online channels using an old school method. So I started to search for online tools to keep track of the many platforms that I use on a regular basis.  I dabbled with a few until I found XeeMe.

XeeMe is one of the most amazing tools that I’ve  found to help keep track of the growing number of social media channels that you may have.  XeeMe does allow you to keep track of all of your social media channels but it does so much more because there is a very powerful analytic aspect of XeeMe which allows you to monitor your engagement on these channels as well.  Additionally you can connect to other members of XeeMe as well to grow your network.

I have been blogging about adding many channels to your social media presence, now that you’ve done that use XeeMe to organize those channels.  To learn more about XeeMe, meet Axel, the founder and rest of the brilliant team behind this wonderful platform join the XeeMe Power Network Group on Facebook. They are super engaged, willing to answer questions and its a group of people that will help you to use XeeMe to help organize and grow your social media network.

Take a look at the video below to give you a peak into XeeMe through the eyes of its founder Axel Schultze

Now its time to get organized with XeeMe, Let’s connect there too: Anise Smith’s XeeMe

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