I am an Internet Marketer, but primarily I am one that consumes content first, this means that I am very aware of good content and crappy content.  There are lots of both floating around on the net. With that said my opinion of crappy content may not be another persons crappy content.  One persons trash is another persons treasure, this applies to content as well. As creators and curators of content we should first and foremost be cognizant of our followers, their needs, the types of content that they appreciate, in addition to the quality of content that we are providing. This thought process about content and quality was prompted by a few followers.

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I had someone ask me if I could Retweet more of their content on several occasions. My first response was oh ok, you need more RT’s.  Then I thought about it and was like well, I could RT more of your content but, frankly the content that you are creating and curating may not be good for my followers.  I think if you are aware of what your followers like, if you are in touch with your audience and engaged with your online friends you would realize that if your content is not being shared, that retweeting is just a surface issue.  The bigger issue is that you, as the content curator and provider you must find content that people feel compelled to share.  So ultimately, the goal here is not to focus on the RT, although we all like them, but to focus on providing content that people would like to share with their followers.  To ONLY focus on a number of Retweets creates a bit of an old school “push my message” kind of thing instead of providing engaging information that people find valuable enough to share with their friends and followers.

As we move along this year, great content will become  much more important, the days of shuffling the same crappy content that everyone else is shuffling will no longer be acceptable.  We are living in an increasingly social world filled with sharing of huge amounts of data and people are becoming quite overwhelmed with the amount of content and quite frankly less than tolerant for the noise of the bad content.   In essence time to poop or get off the pot and step up your content game.


One of the driving forces  to provide great content, in 2012 will be by Google, due to Panda updates. This will force the content issue more than anything and creators and curators will be forced to provide more quality content.  This is the best for social media as an entire industry, but will, I believe separate the Social Media Experts from the Gurus. ( Oops, there’t that word again) Ultimately, great content is what drives people to share, compels people to engage and creates viral content.   If we all keep this in mind we will not only adapt to the Google algorithm changes, engage with social media followers more, have more Retweets but  feel more confident that we are providing the absolute best quality content for followers.

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