YouTube is the SECOND most search channels online, first only to Google. That is HUGE!  This is reason enough for you to seriously consider adding Youtube to your arsenal of social media tools.  Think about how big that is and how big that could be for your brand. A person searches Google 1st and then pops over to Youtube to search. So if you have your brand on Youtube this is definitely a For The Win for your brand.

Something else to think about, Google is #1 for search, Youtube is #2 , both of which are Google holdings. So think about the importance of Google+, I’m just throwing it out there.

Youtube is not one of the channels that can be easily used for original content as some of the other social media channels  because there is a little creativity and skill needed to to create original content. This is something that not all people have but it can be acquired and there are a few options that can be explored immediately.

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First you need to get started with creating a Youtube channel for your brand. Add your logo and customize the channel with your   brand. There are a few options when creating a look for you channel that are standard but you can go beyond that. You can add a custom background and tweak the colors to totally match your brand.

If you are unfamiliar with creating a video, a good  way to get a quick video up for your channel is to use some of the video creation tools provided by Google.  Take a look below.

How to create an easy video for your channel.

  • Xtranormal is an avenue that allows you to create an easy animated video in a few steps. This can be used to create a video about your brand, company or new promotion that you are having. I created an Xtranormal video for the introduction of one of my new company capabilities. I was introducing QR Code Products so I thought I would use this avenue to create a bit of an intro of this service.
  • Search Stories allows you to create a video based on search criteria. You can create a great video for your company or brand using search terms. See the example below.

Take a look at the Infographic is below, it will give you an indication of how HUGE Youtube  is and how you can’t afford to ignore it.

YouTube Killed TV
By Freemake, proud developer of YouTube Converter

OK, times-a-wasting’ Go ahead, get started!

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