As we all know technology has grown and I am hearing that there may be a challenge for companies to find workers in this industry due to the big boom.  I am definitely all for a consult in the Philadelphia area anytime and I’m sure lots of other people are looking for that next consult or even gig.  The people in my circles always have room for another consult (cha-ching…that’s my catch phrase…seriously)

So what’s a person to do, head out to Silicon?  Umm yeah, as glamorous as that seems, the average person just can’t pick up and leave, family, kids, good cheesesteaks. Yeah did I say Cheesesteaks?  Well there may be at least one other option. Take a look at the infographic below to give you an idea of where you could start.


Silicon Valley & Alley - MBA@UNC

Via MBA@UNC: Online MBA

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