I know…I know….ANOTHER Social Media Platform. YEAH Yeah…However we are after all in a growing technology boom so there will continue to be lots of new and exciting social media platforms introduced. We should maybe view it as an opportunity to get involved with something new and cool and NOT ..”OOOO MMM GGG…Another Social Media platform.” Ok, mini rant over.

I am a bit of a self proclaimed early adopter and I really like to try all of the new social media platforms as I hear about them. I stick with the ones that are cool and that are beneficial to my brand, those that are not sort of fade away. I use my XeeMe Profile to keep track of them all.

Well, I signed up for Chill a while ago but it was one that sort of faded away. However recently there was a bit of a burst of people in my social media circles connecting so I had an opportunity to visit the platform again. I do believe they made a lot of improvements to the interface and I LOVE it. The premise behind Chill is a place to “hang out” and watch videos with your friends. The interface is a bit like Pinterest but for video.  Check it out when you have an opportunity!

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