We are chasing the elusive Retweet, umm maybe not, but we do like to get them. One of the reasons that we like to get Retweets are that it lets us know that our content is on track and that what we share is of value to friends and followers. Retweets also allows your content to get to people that are not a part of your current following.  This could extend  your network, promote your brand and quite frankly increase your sales if people are impressed with the products and services that you offer.

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There is quite frankly no magic bullet for gaining Retweets. Sorry if you thought you were going to get one of those posts ” I guarantee you can get Retweets with this information…” Umm not so much on that methodology.  Well, I have found one of he best ways of getting retweets of posted content is to provide good content. It is really simple. The people that follow you, have an interest in your message, they like your brand and or they are interested in your products and services. This means that you are right now doing something right.  So the goal is to continue providing great content that they find of value.


Content creation is really moving toward being an art form especially with so much noise out there and so much content duplication.  Not to say that you will never duplicate content because that is inevitable. However the goal is to provide great content that may not be as mainstream and overly used.


The biggest key to providing great content to your audience is being in touch with your friends and followers. Pay attention to the content that you share on your different channels, watch for topics that are NEVER Retweeted and those that are Retweeted the most. This will give you an indication that you are on the right track or if you are on travelling down the wrong path.

A few things you should do immediately in your quest to provide or continue to provide great content:

That’s it, now lets start providing some content worthy of the retweet!

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