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There is really a lot of controversy and dialogue about Google+ and its impact on search and social media. There are people that have almost a frothing at the mouth rabid opinion of Google+ and a total refusal to incorporated it into their marketing mix.  Well as an advocate of Google+ and all of Google products for that matter, I can’t really understand the conversation especially for those that are in business. I do understand that recreational users may not be flocking to this platform as they may view it as a Facebook replacement or just another social media platform to keep track of. However, what I really can’t grasp is the people that have an extreme dislike of this platform that use social media in their businesses. Anit-Guru, Franklin Hatchett tells us, “Not to blame everything on the social media gurus, but could it be that the social media gurus are afraid of this platform? Maybe afraid of venturing out of their comfort zone?”  The Social Media Gurus may not be able to compete with legitimate social media folks that are on their A game, all day everyday. Most that are in my social circles that use social media for business recognize Google+ as the game changer that it is and realize that the impact that it will have on their business. Oh.. yeah, there is a strict anti-guru policy within my social circles. 😛

Well anyway, last week there was information released to indicated that Google was moving toward the adoption of Social Search by way of Google+. This is something that was inevitable that I discussed in a blog post when Google+ was originally introduced.   The movement of Google+ toward Social Search is a definite game changer in the social media and search game. We are, in fact right now about to view history in the making because I visualize a lot of the changes that I’ve discussed in my social circles are about to be realized.

There is a strong indication with the move toward social search, this has just made the Google +1 button way more important. The +1 indicates that something is cool, it is liked  and is an indication of content approval by ones peers. This is in my opinion about to take the place of backlinks and will be indexed accordingly. The +1 has already made a home within the Google+ page and will be added to search results.

I suggest you +1 sites that you like, add the +1 option to your blog posts and encourage people to +1 your posts.  Social Search is NOT the Future, Social Search is the PRESENT!

The Takeaway:

If you use social media to market your business or for clients, Stop viewing Google+ as a Facebook replacement because it’s not! Google+ will integrate with search, change search, social media and SEO as we all know it. Google+ is Social Search and it’s a Game Changer.

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