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January 25, 2012

#Triberr: 8 Steps To Being A Great Tribe Mate



I found out about Triberr a few months ago after being invited to a group by Michael Q Todd, before then I had heard very little about it. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about it initially but there were so many amazing people from my social circles involved that I thought what the heck, let me check it out too.  I had just moved my blog from Posterous to WordPress and lost a bit of traffic with the move so I went for it and I have been very pleased with the results.

Everyone wants to increase the reach and traffic to their blog and Triberr is a platform that allows you to do that.  Now that it is open to the public and no longer in beta the potential of blog growth is HUGE. In a nutshell, Triberr allows you to create a tribe, add members of that tribe  and share blog content through RSS Feeds through the Twitter feed of your tribe mates.

As you share content you really get to know the people that you are in tribes with. So a few things that I’ve been doing to become a better tribe mate:

  • Check into Triberr at least once per day depending on how many tribes you belong to. I try to check in twice per day because I belong to quite a few tribes.
  • Give Karma.
  • Load share buttons and share content using +1 and StumbleUpon.
  • Follow all of your tribe mates on Twitter and other social media channels.
  • Get to know your tribe mates!
  • Check out and follow the blogs of your tribe mates
  • Leave comments on the blogs of your tribe mates.  [I’m working on this one]
  • Share great content of your tribe mates on your other social media channels.

Have fun and enjoy!

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It’s ALL About Your FOLLOWERS, SO ADD Value To Your #SocialMedia Channels



As Internet Marketing and Social Media peeps we can get caught up in the excitement of the industry and sharing what we know.  We can also blab about what we do excessively because this is such a cool new industry and we are really excited about it.


As Social Media people we are excited about all of the new channels that we are signing up for and how many beta’s we can be a part of.  These are things that social media people talk about among themselves because so many of us travel in packs like wolves 🙂 and are all inter-connected.


One of the things that we must be congizant of is that our social media friends are just a portion of our followers.  So we must remember that although we may be excited about the next hottest social media platform, that may not necessarily be the case for those that follow us that ARE NOT heavily involved with social media. Followers that are clients or potential clients will not gain the same amount of exitement about a new platform as our social media friends.


When considering the content that we provide we must make sure that we provide information of value to all of our followers. This will of course involve being aware of the likes and dislikes of followers based on feedback and insights.  So if you are aware of what your followers like make sure you provide content that is of value to them as well as your social media friends.


For instance, although my focus is on providing social media content I realized that there is a huge foodie demographic on my Facebook page . So I make sure I provide content about food that appeals to their foodie senses 🙂  I am a bit of a foodie so this is really no sacrafice for me at all.  So my goal is to provide information about social media AND other information that is of value to them.


One of the things to remember is that your followers know what industry you are in, they know that you love social media so add content that is of value to them because frankly they probably don’t want to hear you blahh..blahh..blahhh about social media all the time. I’m sure my followers don’t either, so I talk about mobile plan pricing, social good, business start up, food, cool apps and anything else I think would be cool.   My goal is to supply information that makes their life easier, saves them money or makes them laugh and overall add values to the channels beyond just social media.


So, Rock on but don’t blah..blah…blah..unless it is providing value to your followers….


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