I wrote a post quite a while ago and one of the responses accused social media peeps of having huge egos and that they were narcissistic. At the time I didn’t really agree, nor did I even see any of the behaviors that this person was referring to.

That was then, this is now because I’ve recently notice a lot of chest beating, inner fighting, people trying to control others and pettiness. This is really a direct polar opposite of what social media is suppose to be about. I believe this is due to a lot of postering, chest beating and the inability to put ones ego aside.   #FAIL

Social Media is geared toward engaging, interacting and having open dialogue, NOT about YOU, YOUR EGO, BULLYING and CONTROLLING OTHERS. Handle Your BIZ!

I think there needs to be a lot less EGO and a lot MORE focus on providing quality content for followers, containing ones ego and LESS minding the business of others. Focus on Content, Curation and Clients..Rant over!

On a final note…Let your EGO Hit The Floor…singing that to music below.


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