It’s no secret, I am a huge fan of Facebook Timeline. I guess, as a bit of an early adopter I am always ready to jump in at something new and cool especially when technology is involved. It lets me explore the inner nerd that has taken over 🙂

I also see the potential of Timeline as having the ability to allow people such as myself to use Facebook as a means to interact with family , close friends and collegues and use it as the amazing networking tool that it has become in my life.

Well today a friend and  collegue shared an amazing post which is always the case with Roseli A. Bakar of EzyBlogger Fame.  This post displayed a really cool tool that allow you to make a movie from your Facebook Timeline. How cool is that?  Well, I had to test it out, you just to make sure it worked properly. :-P. Take a look at the video below. Also check out the additional resources section which will give you much more practical advice on implementing Facebook Timeline.

In the meantime, use Timeline Movie Maker to make your own movie

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