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February 2012

Have You Added #Zemanta To Your Must Have Blogging Tools?



I started using Zemanta a little while ago as a way to really put a little zing into my blog creation and I really love it!  Zemanta is blog plug in that can be utilized for a variety of blogs. I use it primarily with my, and Tumbrl blogs and I really can’t imagine how I got along before I started using Zemanta.   A brief overview,  the Zemanta plugin allows you to utilize a variety of media to make blog creation easier by creating an avenue to pull in resources from online sources to make your blog rich with links and images.


You first set up an account, add preferences and sources of content.  This allows you to add the blogs that you will be utilizing, sources that you’d like your linked content to come from,  Flick account for images and even your Amazon Affiliate information.  After your information has been added to your preferences the real magic begins.


When you decide to create a blog post after creating your Zemanta account all of the information that you added to your preferences will then be listed in a Content Recommendations box.  You can then use images from a media gallery and or your Flickr images to created a more visually appealing blog post without searching images from around the net. The images pulled are based on your preferences! How awesome is that??  Additionally there is a My Sources section that allows you to pull similar posts from the blogs you have in your preferences or relevant online content to add to a Related Articles section which will post at the end of your blog!



If you blog, you should definitely add Zemanta to your list of Must Have tools! Take a look at the video below and it will give you a quick demo.



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#Pinterest: Pin Love For The Male Population [Infographic]

Pinterest For Men
Ok, Ok I get it Pinterest is a Chick Thing!  Well, maybe not so much because I have notice a bit of a male population surge. Ok, maybe not really a surge more like a trickle.   Well there is Pin Love on Pinterest for men too!  Take a look at the infographic below to give you and idea of some cool things for men to do on Pinterest.


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Blog Platforms: or [Infographic And Video]


As a reformed WordPress basher turned WordPress lover I actually love and use both platforms.  For me, both serve different functions but are equally as important  for my blogging strategy.   This blog is used on the platform but my primary blog is on the platform which is used when I need to add a variety of plugins and lots of bells and whistles. I use the format when I need to go with a simpler format.   Take a look at the video and Infographic below to help you select which WordPress platform is best for you.

Source: via Anise on Pinterest

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How Much Do People REALLY Hate Facebook Timeline [Infographic]

Timeline Dislike
Although I really love Timeline I can understand if others hate it so much. The look is so totally different than the current layout. Well,  take a look at the Infographic below, it will give you and idea of how much it is really hated. Bummer…

Source: via Anise on Pinterest

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Stop Spamming And Start BLOGGING [Infographic]



I noticed recently after starting to manage another brand that I have been getting SLAMMED with Spam.  I literally have 870 comments, all of which are probably spam.  Of course I have a filter to address this, however it is very annoying, stupid and very time consuming to address. Honestly, I really have never seen so much nonsense in my entire life.  My thoughts are why would a person even bother, just to get a link?



The biggest question in my mind is , ” Wouldn’t it just be easier to build your own traffic?” This is especially the case since most people that blog have some kind of filter to block this kind of thing so the spam won’t even get approved.  Take a look at the infographic below to get a view of The History of Spam.


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Why Your Brand Should Be On #Pinterest [Infographic]

Pinerest Rocks

I have never made it a secret that I am always willing, ready and able to check out new Social Media Platforms.  So needless to say I am loving Pinterest so if you are not on yet, you may want to make the dive.

A few things that I really love:

  • Image Driven: Most people are very visual and it is amazing to see what your friends are pinning and repin the cool stuff. I am developing some favorite Pinners already because they pin really cool things. You can really get a peak into the personalities of people based on things that they pin.
  • It is really fun! This is a great platform that allows people regardless of social savvy to have a bit of fun with social media.
  • TRAFFIC! Yes I admit that it is really starting to be a huge traffic boom for me. I add blog images,  link those images back to my blog and this has been really a boost for my blog traffic. I think as the popularity increases so will the traffic to my blog.

So overall this platform is fun, great for traffic and overall a For The Win Social Media Platform for all!  Take a look at the Infographic below to see how popular it has become.

Source: via Anise on Pinterest

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Now If I Could Just Remove That White Background From My Logo


One of the things that can be a challenge to people in technology driven fields are some of the graphic aspects especially if a person is not formally or informally trained in graphic design. Some people dabble and can get a few graphics done and some people are just plain old challenged. Sometimes you just want to quickly get a few things done and something as small as the white background on the logo can become a huge hurdle to jump.

The Video below will walk you through a few basic steps to easily remove the white background from your logo, if you have Adobe Photoshop.




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Facebook: How Did We Work Together When I’ve Never Met You Before?? #Fail

We Didnt Work Together


I am a GREAT LOVER of Facebook, Timeline and all.  One of the things that I DO NOT like is that Facebook offers the option of people that you are friend with to say that you’ve WORKED together and does NOT present you with the option of refuting that.  THIS needs to be addressed.


I have had a number of people claim that we’ve worked together and that i’ve worked with them at companies that have never employed me. In ever instance, we are friends in a networking sense as I use my Facebook to extend my network and as a business tool. It boggles my mind that people would obviously state a blatant untruth, knowing that I would see it. Could it be a situation that if they say it enough times, it will make it truth?


Take a look at the image below and notice four people that claimed that we’ve worked together. Yet I have never worked for any of these companies,  and with any of these people.


Is this a new thing in the social media arena? Thoughts? Has this happened to you? What have to you done about it if anything? Please share your experiences and remedies if this has happened to you?

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Step Up Your Game Gurus: ARE You Rocking The World Of #SocialMedia Clients or NOT?



Social media is indeed a phenomenon and I am enjoying the ride. The past two years have been amazing in regard to the astounding growth of this technology. Social Media has literally turned the world upside down and changed everything as we know it.   There are so many people that have jumped on the Social Media Bandwagon and as a lover of this new and exciting technology I can totally understand that!  It is an exciting time to be involved with this history making era in technology growth.


Because this technology is so new and people are still learning there’s a lot of room for growth for everyone in this industry. If you are using social media in a recreational way, there is all the time in the world to wrap your head around the super quick growth of this industry. Do you hear a “but” coming on, well here it it. BUT, ( I know I’m not suppose to start a sentence with but, so what, I’m doing it anyway 🙂  if you are presenting yourself as a social media expert and you are taking on clients as such you MUST BE ON YOUR A GAME. If not you will be labeled a GURU and that is not a compliment.


As a Social Media professional we owe it to our clients to represent this industry in a positive manner, which means you should be on your A Game at all times.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Real A Game Social Media Experts are working hard to present this industry in a favorable light and working harder to convey the importance of Social Media to those that are slower to adapt to this newer industry to market their business.


The half stepping, self appointed gurus that are NOT on their A game make it that much harder for people that ARE A Gamers in this Industry to present social media as a real opportunity for businesses to market their company. It is imperative that if there are areas that you are lacking skill you make it your business to educate yourself especially if you are marketing your services as a social media expert.  I’m not saying that I know it all because I do not, however I never present myself as one to know everything about all aspects of social. If there is information I lack, I am quick to admit it and or educate myself accordingly.


Social Media as we know it is relatively new especially in regard to business marketing so it is very easy to NOT know everything. However it is YOUR JOB as a Social Media Expert selling your services to companies, to step your damn game up.


Poop or Get off the pot! Step it up Gurus!

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