I am a bit hard on the Social Media Gurus, I admit it. However if you select to call yourself a Guru of any kind,  you sort of deserve what you get. That was not a very good apology was it? LOL Well, it wasn’t really an apology but more like an explanation.

Well one of the things that really rubs me the wrong way is people that promote themselves as Social Media Gurus, yet really are like WTH in the knowledge department. There are people that know a helluva lot that may call themselves gurus, in which case I hope that they cease and desist with the bad titles.

Since social media is still in its infancy and there are so many Gurus running lose there needs to be a bit of guidance and trust development in the social media industry. I would say, a bit of a way to determine who is in fact trustworthy and who is not. In essence to separate the knowledgable, trustworthy people from the Gurus of the snake oil variety sort, that are going with the flow because of the demand.

One of the platforms that allows you to get an idea of the trustworthiness of someone in the Social Media Industry is The Trust Anchor platform used by It allows experts to be judged and deemed Trustyworthy by ones peers within the industry. This is HUGE because in essence it allows the people that are on their game to shine and the gurus to know, ok bygones.  🙂

The Trust Anchor designation is being rolled out to those that use and is based on some of the following principals:

I think that moving forward Trust Anchors will be a designation that is valued, appreciated and revered within the Social Media Industry because it will allow companies that select to do business with someone in this industry a way to validate that persons trustworthiness in a sense.  Due to the growing popularity of social media I think that it is something that is sorely needed.

Take a look at the video below and then Check out when you have an opportunity.  They are doing some great things for the Social Media Industry and will be huge for the allowing people to determine the Trustworthiness of true experts in this ever growing industry.

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