It’s no secret, I really do LOVE Facebook Timeline!  One of the reasons that I really do like it is that I have an opportunity to utilize the page more effectively as a networking resource. It is something that I have been doing anyway, it wasn’t planned it just evolved into a great place to network and meet amazing people.


Although I am using my personal profile as a combination personal/networking space with the new Timeline layout it is really a perfect space for exclusively personal uses as well.


When Timeline for personal pages rolled out I knew that it was inevitable that Timeline for pages would probably be right behind it. However since the totally roll out for personal pages has yet to fully take place there has been a substantial delay in moving toward the roll out for Pages.  Since I am a fan of Timeline I am very eager to see how Timeline would display for brands.


Timeline for personal pages has an amazing 850 x 314 area of prime digital space in which to use a cover photo.  For me this will present an amazing opportunity when used for brand pages to advertise or promote a brand. I did a bit of a mock up of how my Brand Page could look based on some of the photo’s I’ve seen. I really love the branding potential of how Timeline could display my company page.  Take a look a my mock up below.


AniseSmithMarketing Timeline Brand Mockup

We must all learn to embrace new things and changes especially in regard to technology because we are really in an era of tremendous change. Technology is growing at such an amazing rate of speed. So I say lets all embrace the changes and rock personal Timeline and Timeline for Brands when they are rolled out.


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