We Didnt Work Together


I am a GREAT LOVER of Facebook, Timeline and all.  One of the things that I DO NOT like is that Facebook offers the option of people that you are friend with to say that you’ve WORKED together and does NOT present you with the option of refuting that.  THIS needs to be addressed.


I have had a number of people claim that we’ve worked together and that i’ve worked with them at companies that have never employed me. In ever instance, we are friends in a networking sense as I use my Facebook to extend my network and as a business tool. It boggles my mind that people would obviously state a blatant untruth, knowing that I would see it. Could it be a situation that if they say it enough times, it will make it truth?


Take a look at the image below and notice four people that claimed that we’ve worked together. Yet I have never worked for any of these companies,  and with any of these people.


Is this a new thing in the social media arena? Thoughts? Has this happened to you? What have to you done about it if anything? Please share your experiences and remedies if this has happened to you?

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