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March 2012

Spammers Stop Trolling For A Link: Try The 3 Step Troll Cure Instead



There is Social Media and there is SPAM, never should the two meet at any time. The instances of people spamming to get a link is growing to ridiculous proportions. Seriously spammers, this is NOT AN EFFECTIVE STRATEGY!


I have read articles and posts about how people chase bloggers to post comments for a backlink. Social Media really is NOT about this, it is about engaging, creating great content and sharing with people that follow your social media channels. I am at a loss as to what goals are being accomplished by leaving lame and totally ridiculous comments on blog when most bloggers have some sort of comments system in place to catch spammy comments.  Take a look at the ridiculous comments below, like I would seriously allow that nonsense to be left as a comment.



It may be me, but my thoughts are, why not do it the good old fashioned way by doing the work to build your own followers?  Oops, My bad, that would actually involve doing work and obviously we can go that route.  It could be my opinion but I would think trolling blogs on a regular basis would involve more work than actually creating a blog and building a following.


A few steps you can take to STOP looking like a Spamming Troll:


  • Create Your Own Blog. Take a look at the video below on how to create a wordpress blog!
  • Curate content using some of the available tools. is great!
  • Reblog posts This is a great option if you find content that you like and would like to utilize on your blog.

In the meantime, STOP TROLLING ME! Nothing else

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Asking For A Persons #Facebook Password IS NOT A Good Adoption Of An Effective #SocialMedia Policy

Internet Privacy


Social Media is new and has honestly throw a monkey wrench into how we all operate and live. Organizations I believe were caught unaware more than most because of the quick adoption rate of social media by all. Now with Social Media quickly advancing into how we think and live it is now pushing its way into how organizations operate.


Some organizations have barely adapted to the NEED for computers in the workplace, now there has to be an adoption of social media into the mix. Needless to say, this changes the workplace game substantially.  The growth of mobile devices are making it that much harder to adapt to the usage of social media by the organizational masses.  Technology has literally outpaced the ability for the law, people and organizations to adapt policies and procedures at a quick enough pace.


There has been lots of discussion about demands for passwords of social media channels which is a violation of most social media channels terms of service.  In most cases it is against terms of service to disclose personal passwords at any time for any reason.  Additionally one must ask, is this really an adoption of an effective social media policy?


Social Media is not going anywhere soon so it would probably be a good idea to seriously look into the creation of effective and realistic social media policy.   Some steps that can be taken to move in the right direction:


  • Read a good Internet Law book. Keep in mind that by the time an Internet Law Book is published the laws are already old and may be obsolete. However this will give you a great background on what your rights are.
  • Create a Social Media Committee, this will allow you to compare notes with people and brainstorm.
  • Open the lines of communication, this allows the ability to find out how people are using social media.
  • Consult with an Internet Law Professor or attorney because they are usually very familiar with the latest laws.
  • Write a reasonable social media policy and enforce it accordingly.


We should all keep in mind that technology has grown at such a quick rate of speed that Laws have not been able to keep up with its growth. I don’t anticipate the rate of technology growth slowing down anytime soon so I can’t visualize laws catching up any time soon. So I would suggest when thinking about social media and your demands that you be realistic and exercise some common sense.

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As Technology Advances Will Your IT Department Be Destined For The #Cloud



This week, I’ve had an opportunity to have quite a few conversations with people in the technology industry that have very opposing viewpoints than I.  Most of the people that are in my circles are very tech focused and on top of the industry and its variety of changes. Further, they all really see the technology industry as a way to benefit the masses and to be used as a tool for social good. Basically in a way to spread knowledge and resources throughout the world for the better good of the masses. This is not at all a self serving way to view technology but more of a way to assist many in a variety of ways through education, engaging and interaction. This is in fact the way I view it as well so it is great that I have the opportunity to interact with those that feel the same.


I am very unfamiliar with technology and social media used primarily in a self serving way. I am not a pollyanna by any stretch but I DO view technology and social media as an opportunity to reach the masses in order to invoke positive change.  So imagine my surprise when during a conversation points were brought up that were very self serving about minimizing technological grow to insure ones own agenda. Say What? I think.


A huge part of this conversation was how technology could soon be going to The Cloud and the reprecussions to IT departments. Ok, I do get that transition can be hard although for myself as an early adopter of new technologies I tend to throw myself in to technology changes not resist. So to me Cloud Computing is an awesome thing, it will open avenues in technology that had been closed and on a huge scale. Cloud computing to me is a natural transition to the growth of mobile and the demands to be a more global and mobile world.


To me the thought or resistiing something as essential to our technological growth as Cloud computing in efforts to self preserve is not only ludicris but not to intelligent. Wouldn’t it be simpler to expand your horizons, go with the flow, embrace and learn this technology if you are in fear of losing a position due to the growth of Cloud Computing.  As an early adopter, I would  be jumping into learning as much about Cloud Computing, especially if I were in an IT field.


I do so hope that it is the exception and not the norm to resist new technologies as I do not see the growth slowing down anytime soon.  I see Cloud Computing as a great opportunity for businesses and employees. What do you think? Do you think Cloud Computing will effect IT departments in a negative way?

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Are Computer Viruses A Conspiracy To Keep The Tech Industry Employed?


I had a discussion this week about technology, surprise, surprise.  🙂  Well the conversation was about viruses, Windows and the immense holes in their structure that allows such things. This is in fact in comparison to Mac, which of course although not flawless does lend less opportunity to idiots hackers that feel a need to create issues continuously with the Windows operation systems.

I am a huge of fan of technology in general and of Microsoft for really creating a marketing for the PC. I am, however not a fan of their inability to create a safe, reliable and hack free system in which to enjoy the PC. I know, I know its not their fault that people target them, however I think there should be more effort place on ensuring safe pc computing to those that wish to dabble with the pcs of the world instead of going the Mac route.

This conversation had me thinking about technology growth, big companies like Microsoft and people that create viruses. As a person involved with technology my mind just can comprehend why someone would create a virus to wreak havoc with the computer systems of the world.  Logically my mind just couldn’t wrap around this until the person that I had the discussion with mentioned that if there were no computer problems there would no longer be a need for tech people.

My mind instantly rejected this although it held logic beyond anything about creators of viruses and such than anything i’ve ever heard. If there is a modicum of truth in this I am either extremely stupid or naive for not thinking of it before.  This theory is in fact is very logical, but just because it’s logical it doesn’t mean that it is true.  My mind rejects that there are people that would jeapardize businesses and the livlihood of others in order to insure their own.

What do you think? Could there be any truth to this?  I would love to know your opinion or thoughts?

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About Your Digital Life: Create Your Own #Infographic [video demo]

Social Media is indeed an amazing thing! I love it!  I make sure that I pay attention to my online presence and the content that I produce and curate. I always keep in mind when producing and curating content that I am aware of the image that I present to others. This is a huge part of social media and where some get in to trouble.

I had an opportunity to created a Infographic about my Digital Life that provides an visual image of very cool things about your online presence. Extremely COOL stuff! Take a look at my Digital Life Infographic below and then Create one of your own.

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Social Media and Customer Service [Infographic]

Social Media & Customer Service


Social Media had become a real force to be reckoned with in the past two years or so and one of the areas that has been directly effected is customer service.  Social Media is a great thing for customers because they now have the opportunity to reach out and connect to companies that they are dealing with. They have the ability, thanks to social media to see the people behind the organizations that they are dealing with.


The ability for customers to reach out and learn more about the companies that they are doing business with is a huge thing for the customers but for companies that are not on their A game, not so much. This is primarily one of the reasons that companies must be diligent about creating a positive social media presence for themselves.


Take a look at the infographic below to give you an idea of how much social media has changed customer service.


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Stop Sending That LAME Automated Generic Twitter DM When You’re Followed


Ok, I’ve followed you on Twitter and you may have followed me back. I love that, this is social media after all and its all about following the content of people that you like.  You like them because they have amazing content, you have something in common, you may want to do business with them or any number of reasons that you select to follow a person.

Do you hear a BUT coming?  Well I won’t disappoint. I’m sure that I really love the content of the person that I just followed and that just followed me.  I’m pretty sure that I am totally interested in reading the tweets and I could very well be interested in following that person outside of just Twitter.

What I DON’T really like is the automated Twitter DM that I receive exactly 30 seconds after I follow…. ” Thank you For Following my Tweets, I LOVE your content, YOU Are great, I want to breath your air, I want to name my first born after you, I want to wallow in your essence, I want to tattoo your name on my face Mike Tyson style and I want to absorb your aura. Did You know that my dogs name is Anise??  I love that name.  Do you love me too??…Can you follow me on Facebook..Download my ebook, Scan my QR code maybe.”  Doh! Homer Simpson look. I’m sorry but this is super LAME!  I’m sure I speak for the masses.

Everyone loves your tweets or they wouldn’t be following you. So, stop the lame automated blathering Twitter DM’s, really.

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#Pinterest: YUP You Should Be On There [Infographic]

Pinerest and Sales

YES, Pinterest is just one more platform to dive into and yes we are overwhelmed with new platforms. So what’s one more if it’s important to your brand. Take a look at the infographic below it will give you an indication of how important Pinterest can be for your brand.

Source: via Anise on Pinterest

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Using #Facebook #Timeline AS The ULTIMATE Networking Tool w Video



We all know that Facebook is a powerful networking tool, this is why marketing as we know it has changed so drastically within the past two years or so. Companies are just now starting to really realize how much of an impact Facebook has had on marketing and are really starting to step their game up with adding Facebook to their marketing strategy.


It seems that smaller businesses are really stepping it up in a big way and using their smaller company size to move forward quicker than companies that have more red tape to move through to implement change. This is has been a driving force in allowing smaller companies to jump right on the social media bandwagon quicker.


Entrepreneurs and small businesses, such as myself have been using Facebook personal AND business pages to extend their networks, meet contacts and clients.  Facebook Timeline for personal pages AND Timeline for Branded Pages offers the ultimate One-Two Punch of Networking Power if used correctly. I am currently embracing and enjoying my ability to utilize the One-Two Networking Punch to do just that.


I am loving the capabilities of Facebook Time line for personal and business pages used together,  so much that I actually narrated ( yes…narrated ) a video to walk you through the process.  This is huge for me as I NEVER narrate videos because I much prefer adding really cool music to grab attention.


Take a look at the Video Tutorial below to walk you through a step by step process of HOW to Rock the Facebook Personal and Business Timeline for the ultimate networking One-Two Punch.


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