Everyone that knows me is aware that I hate the word Guru in general but really in regard to Social Media.   Everyone that is involved in any Internet Marketing and or Social Media type of Industry realizes that this industry is still evolving and we are all on the fast track to continuous learning due to the super fast growth of this technology.  Everyone is trying to move ahead, grab business, compete for projects and set themselves above the many people that are claiming to be social media experts. However there is NEVER a need to use the (shudder) word GURU.


Social Media in regard to business is still a relatively new avenue of marketing a business, although many would argue the point with me if I were inclined to argue, which I’m not. LOL  My point is that businesses are just now starting to realized that traditional marketing is really almost a thing of the past and that they’d better jump on that social media train.  The need to jump into the social media fray is due to the ability to reach so many people by way online channels and by  mobile devices.


The need to call ones self a Guru is a misguided attempt at creating a degree of self importance and an effort to get people to see that social media is an important part of any marketing strategy now. The last reason is very valid, the first one not so much. 🙂 Although I am a Guru Basher, I do believe for the most part that a percentage of the people that label themselves gurus do have honorable intentions and they are just trying to set themselves apart from their competition. With that said, please people find a new way. Let your talent shine through without creating a label for yourself that makes you look foolish at best and incompetent at worse.


If you are a Social Media Strategist, Marketer or Expert these things will display by the content of your online presence NOT by labeling yourself a Guru.

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