I had a discussion this week about technology, surprise, surprise. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Well the conversation was about viruses, Windows and the immense holes in their structure that allows such things. This is in fact in comparison to Mac, which of course although not flawless does lend less opportunity to idiots hackers that feel a need to create issues continuously with the Windows operation systems.

I am a huge of fan of technology in general and of Microsoft for really creating a marketing for the PC. I am, however not a fan of their inability to create a safe, reliable and hack free system in which to enjoy the PC. I know, I know its not their fault that people target them, however I think there should be more effort place on ensuring safe pc computing to those that wish to dabble with the pcs of the world instead of going the Mac route.

This conversation had me thinking about technology growth, big companies like Microsoft and people that create viruses. As a person involved with technology my mind just can comprehend why someone would create a virus to wreak havoc with the computer systems of the world. ¬†Logically my mind just couldn’t wrap around this until the person that I had the discussion with mentioned that if there were no computer problems there would no longer be a need for tech people.

My mind instantly rejected this although it held logic beyond anything about creators of viruses and such than anything i’ve ever heard. If there is a modicum of truth in this I am either extremely stupid or¬†naive¬†for not thinking of it before. ¬†This theory is in fact is very logical, but just because it’s logical it doesn’t mean that it is true. ¬†My mind rejects that there are people that would jeapardize businesses and the livlihood of others in order to insure their own.

What do you think? Could there be any truth to this?  I would love to know your opinion or thoughts?

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