There is Social Media and there is SPAM, never should the two meet at any time. The instances of people spamming to get a link is growing to ridiculous proportions. Seriously spammers, this is NOT AN EFFECTIVE STRATEGY!


I have read articles and posts about how people chase bloggers to post comments for a backlink. Social Media really is NOT about this, it is about engaging, creating great content and sharing with people that follow your social media channels. I am at a loss as to what goals are being accomplished by leaving lame and totally ridiculous comments on blog when most bloggers have some sort of comments system in place to catch spammy comments.  Take a look at the ridiculous comments below, like I would seriously allow that nonsense to be left as a comment.



It may be me, but my thoughts are, why not do it the good old fashioned way by doing the work to build your own followers?  Oops, My bad, that would actually involve doing work and obviously we can go that route.  It could be my opinion but I would think trolling blogs on a regular basis would involve more work than actually creating a blog and building a following.


A few steps you can take to STOP looking like a Spamming Troll:


  • Create Your Own Blog. Take a look at the video below on how to create a wordpress blog!
  • Curate content using some of the available tools. is great!
  • Reblog posts This is a great option if you find content that you like and would like to utilize on your blog.

In the meantime, STOP TROLLING ME! Nothing else

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