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April 2012

Woman In The Workplace: What Have We Accomplished? [Infographic]


Women have come a long way from having limited options within the workplace. Although we have come a long way, we still have great strides to make.  This is especially the case in technology focused areas. Since I am in a technology focused industry I would love to see more women enter into this field.


Take a look at the Infographic below to give you an idea of where women in the workplace are doing well and some areas that is in need of improvement.

Women at Work Infographic Via MBA@UNC
Via MBA@UNC MBA Online & Women 2.0

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#UsGuys, Hashtags, #SocialGood And The Power Of Community #BewBluv Video by @SMSJOE

I am a rather incognito member of a group #UsGuys that is comprised of some of the most amazing people that I have ever had the good fortune to meet.  I was invited by Josepf J Haslam about two years ago but honestly it seems like much longer. As a rather incognito member I tend not to be as involved with some of the things that go on although I do follow some of them.

Sunday a social good push was started  to help someone near and dear to most people in #UsGuys, and although I do not personally know the recipient,  I felt compelled to offer any help that I could.  In other words I was totally on board.  The planning, creation and implementation happened quickly and in the most organized way that I had ever witnessed.

There was a short amount of time spent discussing the use of creating a trending hashtag to support this cause and then the forward motion started. I was quite amazed at the speed in which this effort started and moved forward quickly.

As a person involved with Internet Marketing and Social Media with the goals of creating awareness for businesses and marketing I am still amazed and awe struck at the awesomeness of a Hashtag used for any cause but especially social good projects. Social Media is used on a regular basis to create buzz around a brand with the goals of increasing sales but it can also be used to create a buzz around a project that is more beneficial than money.

Social Media is great for business but awesome sauce for causes to uplift humanity, to raise awareness and to promote causes that are near and dear to us. It also creates an avenue by providing channels needed to plan, create and implement a project almost effortlessly.

As we move along in our daily lives sharing and engaging on our social media channels we should understand that social media offers us the amazing opportunity to meet great people, share great information and most importantly do great things for people on a global scale with minimal effort.

Social Good brings awareness to causes and allows these causes to gain so much more exposure by way of social channels. Please use this post as an opportunity to become aware of causes that you may have the ability to help with.

Privacy Starts With Ones Ability To STOP Irresponsibly OVERSHARING

Privacy and oversharing
Social Media has presented us all with the opportunity to engage, share and increase dialogue with many people. The super quick growth of social media has also opened the door to much more with how employers are dealing with social media, individuals, privacy issues, over sharing and much more. YES, I said it OVER SHARING!


I hear so much about Privacy this and privacy that, oh my god Facebook is Invading my privacy again, blah, blah, blah-blah BLAH!  Firstly, there is no such thing as privacy as we’ve known it, we are not living in the 80’s.   If that is what you are looking for you could very easily just quit all of your social media channels and then simply turn OFF your computer. However we all know that is not going to happen.


The third thing that a person could do to make sure their privacy has not been compromised by social media channels,  is to STOP OVER SHARING. Yes, I said it AGAIN. I noticed that the people that yell the loudest about their privacy being invaded by Facebook and various other social media channels are the ones that are the most guilty of over sharing.


There are just some things that need to remain private and I am not talking about funny little antics that have taken place during a persons day that others will find funny and uplifting. I am talking about some the the disturbing things that people share by way of status update that we just do not want to look at, hear about or would ever want permanaently branded into our brains. Before you post anything online ask yourself if you’d like to see what you plan to share floating through your newsfeed.


Things that I am pretty sure no one wants to see:

  • We do not want to see what your cat ate and then expelled from its body.
  • We do not want to see a video of your c-section, minute for minute and in its entirety. I had a c-section and I didn’t want to be in the room to watch my own procedure. Seriously, this is NOT Facebook newsfeed going viral sort of content.
  • We do not want to hear about hurling, burping, pooping, farting, scratching and most importantly we don’t want pictures either.


I say all of this to make the point that privacy starts with you and your ability to have an awareness about what information that you select to share. If you do not post out of bounds pics, say inappropriate things, share distasteful video you limit the chances of this information coming back to bite you.


As we move ahead with social media and social sharing we should utilize the privacy options that all social media platforms have in place. However most importantly we MUST develop an awareness about the information that we share.  The golden sharing rule that I abide by is, I only post something that I would not be ashamed to show my father, son or grandmother.


The take away: Think before you share and share responsibly!

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Has #Klout & Measuring Influence Created A Wave Of #SocialMedia Snobs?

Social Media as we know it now is relatively new with all of the exposure, engaging and sharing of content from a variety of avenues. Of course there were other online platforms available back in the day but we all know that they have not had the impact that present day social media channels have. I just wanted to put that out there so all of the people that CLAIM to have Ten Years Social Media experience won’t write me spouting off about how they were on forums, AOL blah…blah …BLAAAHHHHH because this blog post is NOT about that.

One of the things that I’ve notice lately is the growing number of people that are a little snobby about social media and the creation of a social media cast system so to speak based on the measurement of influence or lack there of.  There are people that may thrive in some areas of social media a bit more than others, but how can there really be a mastery to the extent that one feels superior to those that may not know as much?  Especially when social media is still growing and evolving and we are ALL learning daily about the various channels and platforms. As soon as it is perceived that we have mastered one area it changes and we have to start at square one almost. This is the primary reason NOT to feel superior about any step you may have ahead of a person in any one platform.

Klout and other channels used to make an attempt at measuring social media influence are really responsible for creating a wave of social media snobs that feel superior, if these so called influence channels give them a score that is higher than other people. Klout is really not a valid measurement of social media influence or anything beyond a channel that is now geared toward sales and increasing their own worth. I am not knocking this as this has shown to be a lucrative business platform to most because after all increasing revenue is the reason why most companies are in business. I say this, however to make people think about basing their perception of themselves as higher and others lower based on a system that has flaws in the measurement of influence. This measurement of influence is based on an algorithm that we are unfamiliar with, that can change on another persons whim and by a company that is driven by increasing their own revenue. Again, I am not by any stretch minimizing any business platform based on increasing revenue only cautioning that WE should not base our opinions on others based on reasoning of a company driven by profit. Further we should not minimize interaction and or engagement based on social media snobbery created by some perception of influence.

Social Media is a conversation and geared toward increasing interaction between people and or companies. Social Media should not be used to create a hierarchy, minimize others and practice snobbery  so much so that we feel others are unworthy of conversation,  based on any flawed platform of influence.

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Blogging Better Than Facebook? Why Not BOTH? [Infographic]



I find that a lot of people involved with social media tend to get into discussions about which platform is better with the ultimate goal of eliminating of one platforms they are discussing. This happens often with the Facebook and Google+ debate, with the goal of eliminating Facebook and totally defecting to Google+ or vice versa. This debate is really unreasonable because there should never be a goal to eliminate either platform because both usually serve very different purposes and are geared toward a different demographic. My followers on ALL of my social media platforms are ALL very different.


Imagine when I ran across a demographic that presents reasons why blogging is better than Facebook.  I can’t even understand why one would have created an infographic like this as both platforms are so totally different.   Additionally one is really used to push the other, Facebook is a huge tool in pushing any blog. Social media really is a great vehicle in which to drive any content, especially a blog.   A blog is truly irrelevant without readers and social media platforms act as a vehicle to drive readers.


Take a look at the Infographic below which points out why Blogging is better than Facebook.


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