I am a rather incognito member of a group #UsGuys that is comprised of some of the most amazing people that I have ever had the good fortune to meet.  I was invited by Josepf J Haslam about two years ago but honestly it seems like much longer. As a rather incognito member I tend not to be as involved with some of the things that go on although I do follow some of them.

Sunday a social good push was started  to help someone near and dear to most people in #UsGuys, and although I do not personally know the recipient,  I felt compelled to offer any help that I could.  In other words I was totally on board.  The planning, creation and implementation happened quickly and in the most organized way that I had ever witnessed.

There was a short amount of time spent discussing the use of creating a trending hashtag to support this cause and then the forward motion started. I was quite amazed at the speed in which this effort started and moved forward quickly.

As a person involved with Internet Marketing and Social Media with the goals of creating awareness for businesses and marketing I am still amazed and awe struck at the awesomeness of a Hashtag used for any cause but especially social good projects. Social Media is used on a regular basis to create buzz around a brand with the goals of increasing sales but it can also be used to create a buzz around a project that is more beneficial than money.

Social Media is great for business but awesome sauce for causes to uplift humanity, to raise awareness and to promote causes that are near and dear to us. It also creates an avenue by providing channels needed to plan, create and implement a project almost effortlessly.

As we move along in our daily lives sharing and engaging on our social media channels we should understand that social media offers us the amazing opportunity to meet great people, share great information and most importantly do great things for people on a global scale with minimal effort.

Social Good brings awareness to causes and allows these causes to gain so much more exposure by way of social channels. Please use this post as an opportunity to become aware of causes that you may have the ability to help with.