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May 2012

Social Media And Technology: Progress IS NOT Going To Stop So You Can Catch Up! Expand Your Mind


First I would like to say how excited I am about how technology is growing and express my joy at  the amount of progress that has been made in such a short span of time. We are truly moving toward the Jetsons Age, how cool is that?  I am still waiting for the flying cars and I am a little disgruntled that they have not appeared yet. However that is another story and an entirely different blog post.

I have seen so much growth in technology within the past fifteen years and super quick growth within the past two years. The growth in the past two years, have a direct connection to mobile technologies and I think the pace will continue to pick up as we develop smarter, quicker and better mobile technologies. We are truly living during a huge technological transition era and we are literally living through history making events in regard to technology growth.

I have really noticed amazing changes in attitudes about this ever growing digital and social media space by individuals and companies. What’s so exciting about these changes in attitude are that most of the changes have been with organizations NOT individuals.  Although most organization owners may not necessarily be all warm and fuzzy about social media and digital marketing on a personal level, the more savvy business owners are starting to recognize the benefits to their business to develop a strategy to move full force into this digital marketing space.  This is huge because, just a few years ago there was a huge amount of push-back by company owners about social media. I’m not saying that all push back is over only that I have noticed more companies although not really into social media on a personal level, are recognizing the benefits to their organizations.

It’s a bit hard to believe but the majority of negativity to social media is now coming from individuals that either don’t get it, are intimidated by the growth of technology or those that are stuck in the murky depths of resistance to change and  lack the ability or inclination to embrace this technology. I’ve had multiple discussions by quite a few people that are strongly resistant to changes. Some are so adamant that they are wishing failure to some social media platforms so they can go back to how the world was BEFORE social media.  The primary reason for this thought process is that there is a resistance to change within their areas of technology and their  pushback is based on their inability and or lack of motivation to step their games up. SERIOUSLY!

I do believe that the extreme negativity toward social media to this degree is some form of extreme misguided view of ones own self importance.  When a person would rather a technology that has benefited so many be eliminated because they lack the drive or inclination to step up their game, is beyond my comprehension. A HUGE part of any technology is dedicating oneself to continued growth, so that you can always be on top of your game.  This is more important than ever now due to the super quick growth of technology.  If you are in a technology field and you lack the capacity to stay on your game by dedicating yourself to continued education, you may need to rethink your career choice.  JUST SAYIN’

It is surreal to talk to people that have narrow views on growth and advancement of technolgy this is especially so for those that are in technology fields.  I can’t imagine why anyone would want to slow the progress of technology instead of embracing the changes and using this amazing growth in technology to learn new things.

I am glad that outlooks on turning the technological hands of time backward is not the thought process of mainstream technology enthusiasts.  Also very excited that although some individuals have odd view on technology growth that organizations are really stepping up their game and diving head first into embracing the technology needed to take their organizations to the next lever.

What are your thoughts? Have you experienced a new found push-back by individuals about technology growth and social media?  Have you seen new efforts by organizations to embrace technology and social media?

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The 12 Essential #WordPress Plugins That EVERY #BLOGGER NEEDS

I am truly  a reformed WordPress basher and I fully admit that I was totally wrong. I use for this blog and for a few additional blogs that I write for.  I have tried practically every blogging platform available, Posterous, Blogger and Tumblr ( I still use Tumblr and I love this platform as well).  I have found WordPress to be an amazing platform and this is primarily due to the abundance of plugins available.

  1. Google AnalyticatorAny an all online presences need analytics!  If you create a blog or website you really need to have the ability to monitor the effectiveness of your work.  The Google Analyticator does just that.
  2. GooglyzerIs a plugin that I just started using and I really love it. This plugin allows you to pull Google Analytics from Google right into a WordPress Dashbord. This is a great time saver!
  3. My Category Order: As you know the listing for Category is in a default order but this plugin allows you to rearrange the order according to your needs.
  4. My Link OrderThis is the same as My Category Order except it allows you to change the order of your links.
  5. My Page Order: I absolutely LOVE my page order because like the above two plug ins, My Page Order allows you to change the order of your WordPress Pages.
  6. Pinterest Pinboard Widget: Everyone loves Pinterest and we all want to show off our Pin Boards. This Plugin allows you to do just that.  You can select how many columns and rows that you’d like to display.
  7. Trackable Social Share Icons: Everyone uses social media icons to share their content, but as a lover of Analytics I love this plugin because it allows you to attach analytics to social sharing icons.
  8. Ultimate TinyMCEI absolutely LOVE this plugin!  This tiny, yet very powerful plug in allows you to add an amazing editing ability to your blog posts.  It’s like a little HTML Editor build right into WordPress and this is one plugin that I can’t do without!
  9. Tweet old post: Tweet Old Posts allows you to share previously created blog posts with your Twitter followers.
  10. TumblrizeAllows you to autopost to Tumblr.
  11. wpSUBpages RedirectThis is another favorite! This plugin allows you to redirect WordPress Pages to other page, subpages or URL’s
  12. Twitter Badge Widget: This simple but wonderful plugin allows you to add your tweets to your blog.

One of the most powerful thing about a WordPress blog is its ability to create an easy avenue in which to add different functionality as needed. The plugins are on of the things that make this platform so attractive to bloggers.  The amazing array of plugins created by these amazing developers have really propel this platform to the forefront and it’s what truly makes WordPress the ROCKSTAR of blogging platforms.

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#Facebook IPO: It’s NOT A Double Rainbow But What Does It Mean [Infographic]

We all know that Facebook Rocks! Love it or HATE it, Facebook has really changed the world, how we communicate and even how we market our businesses. Facebook’s IPO has been speculated about for quite a while so now that it’s here, what does it mean for you? Take a look at the infographic below to view Facebook’s journey.

Facebook MBA: Behind the IPO Everyone's Talking About
Created by:

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#SocialMedia Platforms And #EmpireAvenue: Different Strokes For Different Folks

Show some respect


There’s a variety of different social media channels for those that are interested in exploring their social media options. Some channels fit better for some social media strategies. Not all channels are a great fit for everyone and not all channels are great for every social media strategy.  Social Media is still evolving, we are all learning as we go and most will continue to try out different channels to explore what is a fit for their brand. This is all a part of the growing process in this technological boom that we are experiencing now.


It is unfortunate when people have bad experiences online with different platforms.  I believe that in any arena there can bad experiences and there can good good experiences. I have experienced a few obnoxious people on a few social media channels but never anything extreme or anything remotely considered to be in the douchebag category.  Further, I haven’t experienced a conglomeration of douchebags on any channel and this includes Empire Avenue.  I usually don’t speak out on what I hear others say about various online channel and I usually keep my opinion of their vocalizations to myself. However, I felt a need share my thoughts this time because I was a part of group that held an extended conversation about how the people on Empire Avenue are douchebags.


I have come across a few people that have been less than desirable on some of the social media channels, but honestly not a lot and nothing really extreme. They were just a little annoying at best.   I do realize that not everyone will agree with me and my social media strategy and vice versa. However disagreement does not necessarily make a person a douchebag.


Disagreement on any issue should not put them in the douchebag category. There are NO two people that will totally agree on everything,  that is a part of human nature.  Having a difference of opinion than another person should not put them in line to be labelled a douchebag.  Similarly, if one choses not to partake in a certain platform, those that do so should not be considered douchebags.


For the past year and a half I have been playing Empire Avenue and I have yet to stumble upon one douchebag, not that I even use that term. What I have found has been a platform with amazing people that have an amazing grasp on technological advancements, future technologies and Internet Marketing used to promote their businesses.  There are people in Education, Real Estate, Accounting, Recruiting and more that have embrace this platform as a means to network and meet amazing people.


Empire Avenue is a great channel to monitor your own social media engagement and effectiveness. Additionally it can act as an amazing avenue to expand your network. I have found it to be an amazing channel to meet like-minded people of the non douchebag variety.  Empire Avenue is like any platform it is good for your Internet Marketing strategy or not. You either click with the people or not but there is NO need to disparage an entire platform because you’ve had a disagreement with a person that happens to be on a platform.


Social Media people should treat those that they meet online as they treat people offline, oh maybe that’s the issue.

The takeaway:

Even if you don’t agree, SHOW SOME RESPECT, Different Strokes For Different Folks! 

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#SocialGood And Pizza For An Amazing Cause NJ, #Philly, DE #PapaJohns PLS RT



I am a huge lover of Social Media, I mean really, what’s NOT to Love!  I love the sharing, engaging and the ability to reach out to so many people all over the world.  I have been so lucky to be able to meet so many wonderful people by way of social media.  One of the things that I noticed within my social media circle was how many people actually use social media to bring attention to causes.


I have not had an opportunity to participate in many social good projects  in the past but that has changed recently.  I am currently working with a brand NBN Group based in Cherry Hill New Jersey. They have  a division New Behavioral Network that does amazing things for kids with Autism and Behavioral Challenges.  They have events, family fun night and camp for children with disabilities.


New Behavioral Network has teamed up with Papa Johns for a Fundraiser called Adopt A Camper. The goal is to send as many kids with Autism to camp as possible.  How Awesome for the kids!  So 20% of your regular menu  Papa John’s Pizza order will go to the Adopt A Camper program on 5/14/12 – 5/16/12. You must use promo code AACFUN or mention this order if you call a local Papa Johns in NJ, PA & De. 


Download The Flyer For More Coupons To Give To Your Friends!

Thank you in advance!

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