First I would like to say how excited I am about how technology is growing and express my joy at  the amount of progress that has been made in such a short span of time. We are truly moving toward the Jetsons Age, how cool is that?  I am still waiting for the flying cars and I am a little disgruntled that they have not appeared yet. However that is another story and an entirely different blog post.

I have seen so much growth in technology within the past fifteen years and super quick growth within the past two years. The growth in the past two years, have a direct connection to mobile technologies and I think the pace will continue to pick up as we develop smarter, quicker and better mobile technologies. We are truly living during a huge technological transition era and we are literally living through history making events in regard to technology growth.

I have really noticed amazing changes in attitudes about this ever growing digital and social media space by individuals and companies. What’s so exciting about these changes in attitude are that most of the changes have been with organizations NOT individuals.  Although most organization owners may not necessarily be all warm and fuzzy about social media and digital marketing on a personal level, the more savvy business owners are starting to recognize the benefits to their business to develop a strategy to move full force into this digital marketing space.  This is huge because, just a few years ago there was a huge amount of push-back by company owners about social media. I’m not saying that all push back is over only that I have noticed more companies although not really into social media on a personal level, are recognizing the benefits to their organizations.

It’s a bit hard to believe but the majority of negativity to social media is now coming from individuals that either don’t get it, are intimidated by the growth of technology or those that are stuck in the murky depths of resistance to change and  lack the ability or inclination to embrace this technology. I’ve had multiple discussions by quite a few people that are strongly resistant to changes. Some are so adamant that they are wishing failure to some social media platforms so they can go back to how the world was BEFORE social media.  The primary reason for this thought process is that there is a resistance to change within their areas of technology and their  pushback is based on their inability and or lack of motivation to step their games up. SERIOUSLY!

I do believe that the extreme negativity toward social media to this degree is some form of extreme misguided view of ones own self importance.  When a person would rather a technology that has benefited so many be eliminated because they lack the drive or inclination to step up their game, is beyond my comprehension. A HUGE part of any technology is dedicating oneself to continued growth, so that you can always be on top of your game.  This is more important than ever now due to the super quick growth of technology.  If you are in a technology field and you lack the capacity to stay on your game by dedicating yourself to continued education, you may need to rethink your career choice.  JUST SAYIN’

It is surreal to talk to people that have narrow views on growth and advancement of technolgy this is especially so for those that are in technology fields.  I can’t imagine why anyone would want to slow the progress of technology instead of embracing the changes and using this amazing growth in technology to learn new things.

I am glad that outlooks on turning the technological hands of time backward is not the thought process of mainstream technology enthusiasts.  Also very excited that although some individuals have odd view on technology growth that organizations are really stepping up their game and diving head first into embracing the technology needed to take their organizations to the next lever.

What are your thoughts? Have you experienced a new found push-back by individuals about technology growth and social media?  Have you seen new efforts by organizations to embrace technology and social media?

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