Technology and Social Media can be as difficult or as easy as you want to make it.  I’m not saying that it’s so easy, only that sometimes it doesn’t have to be quite as complicated as some can make it. Sometimes people make technology, social media and digital marketing a lot more complicated than it needs to be. This is usually because of lack of understanding, negativity toward online platforms, the need to use something that is new and shiny just because it’s new and shiny or a combination of all of the above.

So I’ve decided to list a few very simple things that can be done to help you THINK of technology in a different way, a way that can create an easier way to get things done in the easiest way possible. The first thing you should really do is shift your mindset about technology, social media and Internet Marketing.   Sometimes a persons mindset about technology can create unnecessary hurdles and complications.  I think of technology as a way to make some tasks a lot simpler or as an easier replacement of tasks that have become obsolete. It’s really not that complicated.

Take a look at a few things that you should consider if you want to benefit from technology and do so in the simplest way possible. Keep in mind, that all platforms and social media channels do not work for every brand, but it is great to give a few of them a go to see if they work for you and if they make some aspect of your daily work flow simpler!

  1. Embrace Social Media and its Growth:  Social media has really taken the place of some traditional advertising and marketing methods that were mainstream a few years ago.   So we MUST Stop fighting the growth of  this technology!    We should be at the point that we realize that social media is not going anywhere. We will NOT be able to roll back time, the horse is out of the barn, blah, blah blah. The point is, we should all be beyond denial that social media is here to stay. So we must make a conscious choice learn more and find a way to make this technology work for us. This is especially the case if you have a business because the use of traditional marketing ONLY as means of advertising and promoting a business is really a thing of the past. I don’t believe traditional marketing will ever totally fade but it has evolved into something different now and it has happened so gradually that we were unaware that it was happening. We hardly ever read newspapers or magazines anymore. Instead we turn on our computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones which have fueled the growth of social media. So it’s time to embrace social media on a business level even if you opt out of it on a personal level because traditional advertising and marketing options are very limited and I’m pretty sure time will not go backward anytime soon. This is Simple, right?
  2. Go Beta: Some Beta platforms allow you to complete some of your tasks in an easier way.  There are so many new social media programs and channels introduced in beta form that you could almost try a new one a daily basis. Why not give a few of them a try? I have found some of the most amazing online channels offered in beta initially.  I have incorporated these programs, channels and tools into my marketing mix and they have really been a great addition.  Some of these channels have really allowed me to streamline some of my workflow. I’m not saying that you should jump at every beta that is available, only that you should try the channels that you believe would be most beneficial to your brand. Some of the these platforms may simplify your work flow as they have mine.  YES, It is just that Simple
  3. Keep only the Platforms that are good for your brand: After trying some of these Beta programs weed out the channels that do not fit your needs.  Not all platforms are a good fit for all brands or sometimes a platform just does not meet your expectations. Both are good reasons to discontinue use of the platform. Simply, if the platform adds value and simplifies some of your processes, keep it, if not dump it.   Simple.
  4. Use Facebook: Why there are still people that are resistent to Facebook and additional social media channels for business is beyond me. It’s not like there are an abundance of options available to advertise and market a business these days. We are not living in the 80’s.  I cannot stress how important Facebook has become, particularly for businesses. Ok, we understand Facebook does have glitches, the platform changes every year and Facebook implements changes that we may or may not like. Well guess what, there are 900 million people on Facebook and if we have an opportunity as business owners to even reach a percentage of those people why wouldn’t we go for it? Facebook with all of its flaws has presented companies with an opportunity to reach out to their customers in a way that has never been presented before.  Stop whining and use this platform for your business even if you chose not to use it on a personal level. If you want to be even a little competitive, expand your business, or be relevant online you much embrace this platform. Simple.
  5. Use Twitter:  Twitter may seem stupid to some but Twitter works!  This platform rocks for business, increasing brand recognition and customer service. It allows to you engage, reach out, become an authority in your field and increase customer interaction ALL within 140 characters for people that ONLY have time to indulge in you in these 140 characters, so make it good.
  6. Use G+:  Whether you think Google+ is relevent or not is irrelevant especially when it comes to business.  Google plus is an extension of Google which rocks on every possible level, it’s Google. This platform is NOT a Facebook replacement but it is an important part of any online strategy primarily because the use of Google+ will help with exposure, indexing and increasing your company relevance with Google.  With the merging of Google Local and Google+ Local pages creates one more reason that you need to be utilizing G+ for your brand.. Just hit the +1, share content on Google+ and watch the results. Simple, right?
  7. Blog: The importance of a blog cannot be expressed too much. Quite simply every post you write is a piece of content which makes your company more relevant as an authority in your industry. If you blog 3 times per week and another person never blogs, when the blog posts are indexed by Google the person that has blogged 3 times per week will be more relevant than the person that never blogged. That’s Simple
  8. Use WordPress for your blog: As a former WordPress basher I am quick to admit that I was wrong. WordPress is quite simply the BEST blogging platform available. I’ve tried others and WordPress has been the absolute best platform because of its ease of use and abundant plugins that creates a versatility and simplicity beyond any other blogging platform. It’s simple, use it.
  9. Go Mobile: A very high percentage of people use mobile devices to check Facebook, shop and visit other online websites. People have their mobile devices with them every waking moment so as business owners we simply MUST provide a channel in which visitors can view our online precence on their mobile device. NOT to do so, is cheating yourself and your business. Simple!
  10. Schedule Your social media: The use of so many channels and platforms makes it almost physically impossible NOT to schedule at least some of your business social media. There are a few channels that allow you to schedule your social media, one of which is Buffer. Simple, try it!
  11. Do Not SPAM: No one wants  messages spammy or otherwise shoved down their throats. That is very old school and just simply doesn’t fly in an engaging, social oriented world that we now live it. Simple Don’t Do it!
  12. Keep It simple: Technology is an amazing platform and there are so many things to learn and utilize but technolgy and the use of technology should ALWAYS make something that is difficult, easier. The use of technology shouldn’t take a simple task and make that task harder. That is just STUPID NOT SIMPLE. So if any of the channels that you are utilizing creates a more difficult experience for yourself or the user, there needs to be an evaluation of that platform.  I selected the platforms above because these are some of the most simple online platforms to utilize and should make workflow a lot simpler for a person or company.

So when venturing into technology and social media platforms for the first time, remember it just doesn’t have to be that complicated, there are easy steps, easy to use platforms and the use of any platform should not complicate a task.

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