Every now and then you hear a story that just touches your heart. Zoe’s story will !

Zoe is about to turn 11 years old.  Recently she’s begun to doubt herself and her physical differences.  We try not to leave too much room for self pity and fill Zoe’s world with love, laughter, and of course – music.  But it is inevitable for a young girl this age to compare herself to her friends.  Zoe hates her body – how it looks and how it can’t keep up with her mind.  We have tears and struggle with finding clothes that she thinks will hide her differences.  She points out everything she hates about her body as I get her dressed in the morning.

She doesn’t realize just how amazing her body is and how it has beaten so many odds.  That body of hers has been through 12 spinal surgeries.  That round belly of hers keeps her breathing.  Yes, SMA is a crappy thing.  But she goes so far beyond SMA, that I often forget just how terrible the disease really is.  I look at Zoe and I see true beauty.  I see my best friend.  I see the absolute reason I live and breathe.  Read more about Zoe

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