Social media platforms have grown at a super quick pace. So quickly in fact, that  it seems as if there is another social media platform popping up every day. A lot of the platforms probably are hoping to duplicate just a percentage of the success that Facebook is having.  We should all be so lucky, right? I’m not sure that duplicating any platform is exactly the right route to take but I guess you can’t blame them for trying.


One of the things that set Facebook apart from others has been it’s differences and it’s ability to transform so often.  Due to his, duplication of its platform is next to impossible.  I see that as a good thing because there is one Facebook and if I’m involved with Facebook already, why would I want a duplicate platform.  Social Media platforms that gain in popularity now are the ones that dare to be different, step outside of the box and have no idea what the box is, like Pinterst and Instagram. The popularity of those platforms, I believe is due to the totally different route they’ve taken.


Before the popularity and mainstream social media dominance, there was a small social media platform, now PAID called Ning. This platform was one that allowed its users to set up small FREE niche social media platforms. I was a part of Ning and really thought it had potential to be one of those out of the box social networking channels, because of its uniqueness. The ability to create my own social network based on my interest and invite friends with similar interest held a great appeal to me, it still does.


The potential of Ning was very short lived due the platform change, from a free to a paid service.  So early in the game of social media, this was a real deal breaker for Ning. However the thought of creating my own unique, smaller, niche social media platform still remains at the top of the “Oh so cool” list.   Although Ning doesn’t offer this service anymore there is a NEW kid on the block and guess what?  It is what Ning was suppose to be before it changed.  Now you can  Create a social network Free of charge, your niche, your way with Groupiest!  I don’t like it, I LOVE it and ideas are brewing


Ning was really just a social media platform that was a little bit ahead of it’s time because it was introduced Pre-social media boom. So, ultimately Groupiest is the platform that NING was suppose to be.  With social media platforms that have members in the billions, this may be a great addition, especially if you have an interest on a niche focus area.



I would love your thoughts!