Facebook and Politics


This is NOT a post about politics! I repeat, this is NOT a post about politics. I never considered myself much of a political person, but the older I get the more I have an interest in my future. Politics tends to bring out strong feelings in most people and actually that is quite understandable as one person literally has your future in their hands for increments of four years.


However this is not really about politics as it is only the purpose behind the vehicle driving the most fascinating social media campaign that I’ve ever seen. I mean really regardless of your political affiliation we are really living during a historical time depicting almost literally in real time, the transition or death as it were, of traditional media in lieu of social media and digital marketing.


The political campaign although fascinating as a person that has an interest in my own future but so very compelling to watch as a digital marketer. So much so that if I were an organization that has not moved in the digital marketing area, I would be literally stalking the online presences of both parties. The ongoing social media surge, engagement and viral content is mind boggling. Both political parties are sharing content which is producing engagement of the likes that I have never seen. It is quite fascinating.


The Digital Media assault is endless and relentless by both candidates but the end result is exposing millions of people to your message. That is after all, what social media is all about. Social Media allows a unique kind of engagement and interaction that traditional media just has never been able to get. This political campaign is a HUGE example of the power of social media.


For those companies that are not involved with social media, I suggest you get involved with your political candidate of choice by way of their social media channels. Look, listen and learn because they are really showing the world HOW to rock a social media campaign.


Take a look at the Infographic below to give you an idea of how much content is out there and how both campaigns are really focusing a lot of attention on social media and utilizing social content to reach the masses.