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October 2012

Social Scoring & Your Next Job with Infographic

social media scoring


I’ve blogged a bit about social media scoring and it’s importance to digital marketers on a personal level. There is no secret about how I feel about scoring of ones social media presence. Although the various platforms that rate a persons  social media are entitled to do as they please in this space, I just can’t get too wrapped up into scores and allow those scores to reflect who I interact with and how much.


I have quite a few years experience in the traditional marketing field, digital marketing AND a Masters Degree in Internet Marketing so I am very secure in my knowledge in this space.  Experience and tangible results should trump a platforms algorithm based assessment especially when it comes to companies using these platforms to secure employees. An employer should simply Google their candidate, when looking for someone to handle their marketing strategy.  If the potential candidate has a decent digital footprint it WILL be displayed for all to view in Google’s search results


Scoring platforms may not be an accurate method of measuring a digital footprint because there are so many variables that could throw the score off. Suppose the person was working on a project that had them focus on a social media platform that is not in the scoring algorithm, suppose the person was working on a web project, suppose the person was creating a video?  All of these variables would create an avenue in which the person or potential employee was not actively engaged in a social media platform, and this could be reflected in their social media score.   This is just one of the reasons that social media scoring can be deceptive or tricky when utilized for hiring purposes.


However take a look at the infographic below and see how social scoring may be used to determine WHO gets hired.


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What Psy Of Gangnam Style Could Teach Us About #SocialMedia


To those that may be unaware, social media is starting to BE The Media choice for news. We have really moved beyond getting news in a traditional way and we have moved toward more social ways of obtaining our news, entertainment and otherwise. Social media as a means to get news is really growing in popularity to the point that traditional news outlets are falling behind. This is primarily due to having the ability to get news from mobile devices and tables on demand. I know, when something happens or when I want to find out more information about practically ANYTHING I got online and scout out my online content sources.

Social Media and content is so mobile and global that it has really expanded the reach of many. I love that social media has really allowed people to move out of their geographic area and to mainstream quicker than ever. Psy and Gangnam is a huge example of expansion into a much more global world by way of social media, social content and viral video.

A few weeks ago before this became a phenomenon, my son showed me this video. He is 13 and heavily into K-Pop or Korean Pop music. He is part Korean (1/4) so he is very interested in this culture. He additionally is very into sharing content with me that will give me laugh. I must really give him credit for a lot of my really funny Facebook wall content. So a few weeks ago he showed me this video and I thought it was absolutely hysterical. I LOVED this guy immediately because he was so entertaining. I asked my son immediately if this was suppose to be a “serious” video because it was so campy and funny. At 13 he gave me a look that said…”look mom, I’m only 13 and it’s not that deep for me…”

Gangnam Style Introduction Anise Smith

Psy created a runaway hit in Gangnam style so much that there have been many versions of this video created which is a for sure indication of how successful it is. Psy is a Korean pop star that I’m sure had NO idea of what would happen when he created the video Gangnam Style. I am also pretty sure that he is very please with the results and amazed at the power of social media.

This is a GREAT example of how social media efforts can really give brands exposure through the sharing of content. Not every brand will experience this kind of exposure, however it does display the importance of increasing your social media presence AND adding video to your digital marketing strategy.

Gungnam Style specifically is an example of the replacement of traditional media and it’s importance. At one time the successfulness of songs and video were totally dependent upon traditional TV and Cable mediums. That is no longer the case due to YouTube and social media being uses as an avenue to push content.  This is also and example of how important visual elements are to the digital marketing strategy.

Take a look below at some of the visual elements that you can easily incorporate into your social media strategy.

  • YouTube:  Video is huge and should be the first element included in  social media strategy. Create a Youtube channel, customize it with your brand and start adding videos. I would be great to use a 60 second commercial as the feature video of your channel and then add others as you see fit. Learning how to create videos is a great skill to have and can only be good for business because you can create tutorials, videos about your business and more. These videos can be shared to your Facebook Page, on Twitter, your blog and other social media channels.   Also, Youtube video is indexed by Google so it will aid in exposure for your brand.
    Image representing SlideShare as depicted in C...
    Image via CrunchBase
  • Slideshare:Everyone has created a presentation or two for company meetings.  Use Slideshare to share these presentations online and also add value to some of your blog posts by incorporating these presentations.
  • Flickr: Is a great channel to host and share photos. You could add photos of company events, blog images and more. You can also chose how you’d like to share these images with others.
  • Pinterest:  Is the newest and is being labeled one of the hottest image sharing social media platforms out there. I suggest you start pinning as well. It is fun and offers a great opportunity to promote your brand through images.

What’s really great about all of the channels above are that they offer an opportunity to increase brand awareness by way of visual medium and they also increase your chances of having your content shared.

We are, right now living through a historical transition of how we communicate, share and promote content. It’s HUGE and businesses really should be paying attention. Gangnam Style, although just a video, really displays this change for all to see.

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