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October 2013

6 Digital Strategies to Apply to Your Job Search

6 Digital Strategies to Apply to Your Job Search
6 Digital Strategies to Apply to Your Job Search

6 Digital Strategies to Apply to Your Job Search


Technology has changed so many things in our lives and it has been such a quick change that it is almost mind-boggling. One minute we were reading magazines and newspapers, the next minute we are consuming news and information by way of tablet and mobile device.


As we move further and further into this technology driven world we must continue to adapt every aspect our lives to stay up with the super quick changes. One of the things that we need to adapt immediately is HOW we search for jobs.  This change may allow us to gain a bit of competitive advantage, which is so important in the job search game.


At one time it was enough to post a resume to the job boards and let the recruiters find you. That is not necessarily the case now and this is due to so much competition. Also so many are choosing to go one step further by using digital channels to take their job search to the next level.  Those that are a little savvy are using digital strategies that are usually applied to marketing, to their job search efforts like branding, mobile web, social media and other strategies.


A few very easy Digital Strategies that you can easily apply to your job search:


Social Media: Before you do anything, clean up your social media profiles because recruiters DO check social media profiles.  So if you have college photos being a pot worshipper, any and all forms of nudity, beer pong and other types of nonsense delete them or make them viewable to only a certain list of people. Also refrain from using profanity laced status updates because NO Company wants to hire a potty mouth as a representative for their organization. If you feel a need to vent by cursing, do so under your breath instead. It’s kind of old school but grumble under your breath, while walking away from your keyboard.


Portfolio: If you have a portfolio of work, make sure that is online and accessible to recruiters. This allows recruiters to see if the work you’d done is a fit for the position that they are recruiting for currently. The goal is, again, to stand apart from your competition and providing a link to your work will do this.


Website: These days even if you do not have a business, you should have a website.  Branding yourself online is so important because it allows you to stand apart from your competition. Before you start your website buy a domain utilizing your name. If your name is John Anthony Smith, try to get the domain This will allow you to create an online presence for yourself, adding information about yourself, projects you’ve completed etc. BRAND YOURSELF so that you stand apart from those competing for the same position. The website allows recruiters to see you beyond what is just listed on your resume.


You can easily create a website on but if you are really savvy you could go with a self-hosted website.


2 Minute Video:  The power of video is an amazing thing and we see this every day on our social media channels. This can definitely be applied to your job search efforts.  Creation of a short 2-minute video about who you are as a person allows recruiters to get a glimpse of your personality. Your resume can portray who you are in a business sense, but cannot effectively portray who you are on a personal level, but a video can. Sometimes employers are looking for a certain personality type for their organization and a video could demonstrate this to them.


Mobile Resume: There is no secret that mobile usage will surpass traditional PC usage shortly. So get a jump on it by adding your resume to your mobile website, if you have one.  If you plan to create a WordPress site, you can create a traditional website OR go with a mobile website using a WordPress Mobile Template.  The GREAT thing about making your resume accessible to mobile users is that you can instantly send your resume in link form to recruiters during the day without accessing a computer.  Recruiters usually contact you during their business hours which is also during a time when you are working. So having your resume on your website allows you to take advantage of a potential opportunity in a timely manner.  The recruiter now has  a copy of your resume until you can send them a print ready copy from your home computer.


LinkedIn: Utilizing this resource is ESSENTIAL to moving your job search to the next level.  I’ve read that 74% of recruiters use social media as a way to find candidates. Of those, 94% are using LinkedIn. This is HUGE! So using LinkedIn is essential.



Don’t just throw up a profile; utilize all of the bells and whistles that LinkedIn has to offer. In addition to your profile, add links to your social media channels, website, portfolio, mobile resume and 2 minute video. Use this platform to SHOW recruiters WHY you are the right candidate for the position that they are trying to fill.


The Takeaway:


Go out there and be digital! Take your job search to the next level and compete for the position that you KNOW you’re qualified for.


As usual, I welcome all comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.



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5 Career Solutions For The 71% of People That Hate Their Jobs

5 Career Solutions For The 71% of People That Hate Their Jobs!
5 Career Solutions For The 71% of People That Hate Their Jobs!

5 Career Solutions For The 71% of People That Hate Their Jobs!


I wrote a post titled, 71% of People Hate Their Jobs and I started a bit of a dialogue about how people really feel about their workplace.  It was really astounding, that so many people were unhappy in their jobs.  If I had been asked to guess at that statistic, I would have though maybe about 45% – 55% at the most, were unhappy with their current employment situation.  I would have never guessed the number to be so high, at 71%.


This means that in our daily travels most people will encounter one or more of these 71% and their unhappiness with their employment situation could affect our lives. The chances of encountering one of these unhappy people, if we must deal with customer service oriented industries is probably relatively high. This explains a lot!  I am thinking about experiences that I’ve had with customer service professionals, workers at supermarkets, fast food restaurants and it explains a lot.  So, I felt a need to provide some tips that may help those in the 71% feel better about their bad employment situation.


The easiest and lamest advice I can offer is to quit your job if you hate it. However,  we all know that in the real world, that is just not an option.  Since this is not an option, an alternate means of coping is the only choice until a better more permanent solution is available.


One of the hardest things about being in an unbearable position is the helplessness that the situation creates.  This is the case with a lot of situations not just a job.  The helplessness of living with a job that you hate, is that it is tied to the money that you make, the ability to provide for your family AND the ability to LIVE. We all know that without income supplied by said hated job, life could be so much worse.  So, we can just take the “Take this job and shove it…” option off the table for now and lean more toward solutions that will be beneficial in the short term and long term.


A few solutions:


Think about WHY you hate your current job, this is the key to making changes. Sometimes, people find themselves in careers that were selected when they were 17 or 18 when they originally chose their college path. WE are so different than we were at 17 or 18 , and with growing up we may find that the choice we made at this age may not be a fit when we are 30 or 40.  So self-evaluation is a great start!


Get involved with a cause that you find near and dear to your heart. It can really add a very fulfilling aspect to your life that may be lacking. It will also allow you to distract yourself from your current situation until your situation changes and most importantly, you will feel connected to something that matters to you.


Update your job skills, this is always a GREAT thing to do whether you love your job or not. It allows you to stay abreast of what’s going on in your industry and will help with future opportunities. Also,  it looks great on your resume!


Return to School is also a great way to expand your knowledge and formally brush up on your skills. Take some time to reevaluate your career choice if you find that your unhappiness is a result of a poor career choice or consider learning more about your present field if you are in the industry of your choice. Either way, learning more can only improve your chances of changing your employment situation.


Start a business because it is a perfect time to start and grow a business WHILE you have permanent income. This could prepare you for unexpected and unplanned changes in your employment situation.  It could also prepare you to move away from the 71% that hate their jobs to the 21% that love what they do.


In closing:


Find what you love and do it! If you are not doing what you love now, continue to pursue your dreams until you are doing what you love!  As usual, I welcome your opinion, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and or Google+.

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It’s NOT the Content of Your Character BUT the Character of Your Content

It’s NOT the Content of Your Character BUT the Character of Your Content
It’s NOT the Content of Your Character BUT the Character of Your Content


It’s NOT the Content of Your Character BUT the Character of Your Content


If your content sucks no one will visit, share or engage. It’s just that simple! It’s sort of like the family member that can’t cook and is always willing to cook for the holidays. Have you ever noticed that no one visits that family member during the holidays? There are always a multitude of reasons NOT to visit! Oh I have to get a root canal, my hamster needs a new cage, or oh I have a toenail fungus that is just out of control.  Most will say anything NOT to visit?


Well, this is the same as bad content.  WHY would a person, visit, share or engage with you page, blog or social media channel when your content is equivalent to aunt Margie’s “gone wrong” Thanksgiving Day biscuits? Just like there are so many other places to eat, there are so many other places to get great content. YOU won’t be able to compete until you step your content game up just as Aunt Margie can’t compete with the Rachel Ray of the family.


The goal in content creation is placing your company content in the position to be viewed as the GO-TO source for information, which presents your organization as the voice of the authority in your field. YOU do not; however want to be known as the creator of content that is subpar, as it is a reflection of your organization.


People have almost fully transitioned from accessing content by traditional means to reading most of their content online. So this presents organizations with the unique opportunity to provide information of value to readers. This means that organizations should be working to create quality content and in order to do this there must be an understanding of the fundamental reasoning behind content creation.


It’s NOT the Content of Your Character BUT the Character of Your Content, meaning if you are currently creating content, make sure that it is good and that it is a positive representation of your organization. You can do this by thinking of the content that you are creating as if you are producing a commercial or ad about your organization. This could be content about company capabilities, company news, fun events or something similar.  The goal is to give people an idea of what your company has to offer and a bit of a peak into the culture of your organization.


So if your organization is providing bad content, that is a reflection of what your company is all about and it can have a negative impact on your brand, especially if it is subpar.  The creation of great content is so important in our digitally focused world. This is especially the case with the creation of online content because anything posted online could always remain a part of your organizations digital footprint indefinitely. Content posted online cannot be pulled back, once it is out there it’s out there.


The take away:

Step your content game up, present your organization in a positive way and make a conscious decision to ROCK your digital footprint!


As usual, I welcome and comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent!  Find me on Google+, Twitter or Facebook!


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60 Percent Of Marketers Confidence In Their Skills Suck

60 Percent Of Marketers Confidence In Their Skills Suck
60 Percent Of Marketers Confidence In Their Skills Suck


60 Percent Of Marketers Confidence In Their Skills Suck


I just read a report about marketers, their confidence in their own marketing strategy and their companies effectiveness based on their own marketing experience.  The issue seems to be that most traditional marketers are being left in the dust by the new digital marketing strategies that have all but taken over this industry.


I have noticed that people with, just traditional marketing experience and that lack technology experience seem to be struggling more than marketers with digital AND traditional experience. The report also states that traditional marketers feel as if the marketing industry has changed more in the past two years than it has in the last fifty years. I would say that this is the primary issue with the ineffectiveness of those traditional marketers that have not embraced digital marketing and consequently are struggling.


It is imperative that organizations recognize WHEN their digital marketing strategies are not going in the direction that they desire. The first step is to LOOK at the credentials of the person in charge of the marketing department, their lack of knowledge about digital marketing could be derailing digital strategies.  IF they have experience in traditional marketing ONLY and are not up to date on digital marketing strategies they will lack the experience in this ever changing space to lead your marketing department in the right direction.  Traditional marketers that LACK digital marketing experience simply are NOT qualified to lead digital marketing strategies. This is not a negative statement only a keeping it real kind of statement.  Would you go to a podiatrist if you needed advice on your heart? It’s the same thing if you entrust a traditional marketer that is untrained in digital marketing strategies to run digital marketing initiatives. The only outcome can be less than positive.


The bigger issue with traditional marketers that are put in place to lead digital initiatives stem from organizations lack of ability to recognize that the world has changed and the old school methods of marketing are no longer as successful as they once were. IF understanding of the importance of digital marketing starts at the upper management level, and the upper level of management has a firm understanding of changes,  addressing it should not be the problem. So, the ultimate issue here is that the entire organizational structure must recognize the need for change before any change to digital will happen. If those at the top lack knowledge so will others. Change needs to happen at the upper management level, without that change there will be a continuous flow of unqualified, incompetent marketers flubbing their way through the digital marketing space at the expense of the organization.


Take a look at the slide show below, it will give you an idea of marketers feel they are doing in the digital marketing space.


We are quickly reaching the point where flubbing through the digital marketing space by incompetent marketers will cause harm to the entire organization.


Steps that you should take:

  • Analyze your current traditional marketing strategies.
  • Track the effectiveness of your traditional marketing campaign.
  • Determine what percentage of your marketing campaign should be traditional and how much should be digital.
  • Hire a QUALIFIED Digital Marketer/Strategist and allow them to do their job.
  • DON’T try to apply traditional marketing strategies to digital marketing.
  • Embrace digital marketing because it’s not going away.


If you need help with your Digital Marketing Strategy feel free to contact me!


As usual, I welcome all comments, good, bad, ugly or indifferent. I can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Feel free to follow and circle me!




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The What, When, Why and How of Content Creation

The What, When, Why and How of Content Creation
The What, When, Why and How of Content Creation

The What, When, Why and How of Content Creation


We have moved full force into a world where marketing has become education based, NOT sales driven as it was in the past and this calls for a different route to be taken with marketing based initiatives.


Content creation is rapidly moving toward being a huge driving force behind what once was traditional advertising, marketing and sales.  This changes how we think about marketing in general and will require organizations to re-evaluate their marketing strategies.  Based on these changes, the ability to create original, thought provoking and shareable content is not optional anymore it is mandatory.


According to Ad Age’s survey, 55% of marketers have increased their content-marketing budgets this year and is expected to do so in 2014 as well. The companies that are forward thinking enough will be a part of this trend, those that are still old school will not and fall that much father behind in creating the digital footprint needed to present themselves as authorities in their field.


At one time there were sales collateral produced by companies that were used to promote that company as an authority in their field. Traditional print pieces, brochures and magazine articles were once used to promote organizations but with so many people living in a plugged in world these channels are no longer as effective as they were during the print era. This is the dilemma, so what’s a company to do?


It’s time for companies to take the shift in consumable media serious and open their eyes and minds to change. People are just not consuming media utilizing the channels such as print as much as in the past. Media or content is consumed on social media channels and blogs by way of tablets and mobile devices. So it is imperatives that business who want to be viewed as authorities start to take content creation very serious. Businesses MUST start creating content AND publishing that content to the channels that people are utilizing!


So let’s take a look at the what, when, why and how of getting started.



This is the easiest question you can address because the WHAT of content creation is promoting WHAT it is your organization does. Every office has one or two people that are informed about EVERYTHING about the company. These are also usually the people that have been with the company since the company started. This person is a valuable source of information to a content creator! They are your brand ambassadors and they have the ability to provide the WHAT of content creation for your content creator.



You should create as much content as you or your company can physically manage and post it as much as possible.  If you get a content creator that is on their game they will be able to stretch out a small amount of content into multiple pieces of creative and engaging posts on a blog.  This content can then be posted over a period of time. It would be a great idea to create a publishing calendar so that you can have an organized and consistent flow of content moving through your digital channels at all times.



By providing an abundance of content this allows you or your company to become authorities within your industry. If you become an authority in your industry you can increase your exposure, improve Google placement and potentially increase sales. This is just a no-brainer.

At one time the company with the biggest marketing budget was the company that had the most exposure and sales. The same thing applies here except we are dealing with online content, which has essentially replaced a lot of traditional marketing channels as a way to consume media.



There are so many ways to create content and so many types of content that you can create, written, visual, video or a combination of all. The most important thing is to provide a variety of types of content and use analytics/insights to gauge the effectiveness of the content that you are providing. Some say that visual content does best, some say video but every audience is different. This is why using the data from analytics is imperative because it will allow you to see what kind of content your readers like. This allows you to create and share more of the content that is in demand and less of the content that is less than favorable.


To get a better idea of the importance of creating content for your brand, take a look at the infographic below.


Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Infographic via wishpond 


As marketing changes so MUST the willingness of companies to keep up with the trends that will keep them ahead of their competitors and content marketing is one of those trends. We no longer have such a high demand for print, brochures but an increasing demand for blogs, newsletters, website articles, white papers, and special reports. Content creators are key to providing this type of content and it is essential that that content be original, engaging and shareable.


So stop reading and get started with creating great content for your brand!


As usual, I welcome any and all comments good, bad, ugly or indifferent. I can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, find me, follow me and let’s strike up a conversation about content creation!

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