60 Percent Of Marketers Confidence In Their Skills Suck
60 Percent Of Marketers Confidence In Their Skills Suck


60 Percent Of Marketers Confidence In Their Skills Suck


I just read a report about marketers, their confidence in their own marketing strategy and their companies effectiveness based on their own marketing experience.  The issue seems to be that most traditional marketers are being left in the dust by the new digital marketing strategies that have all but taken over this industry.


I have noticed that people with, just traditional marketing experience and that lack technology experience seem to be struggling more than marketers with digital AND traditional experience. The report also states that traditional marketers feel as if the marketing industry has changed more in the past two years than it has in the last fifty years. I would say that this is the primary issue with the ineffectiveness of those traditional marketers that have not embraced digital marketing and consequently are struggling.


It is imperative that organizations recognize WHEN their digital marketing strategies are not going in the direction that they desire. The first step is to LOOK at the credentials of the person in charge of the marketing department, their lack of knowledge about digital marketing could be derailing digital strategies.  IF they have experience in traditional marketing ONLY and are not up to date on digital marketing strategies they will lack the experience in this ever changing space to lead your marketing department in the right direction.  Traditional marketers that LACK digital marketing experience simply are NOT qualified to lead digital marketing strategies. This is not a negative statement only a keeping it real kind of statement.  Would you go to a podiatrist if you needed advice on your heart? It’s the same thing if you entrust a traditional marketer that is untrained in digital marketing strategies to run digital marketing initiatives. The only outcome can be less than positive.


The bigger issue with traditional marketers that are put in place to lead digital initiatives stem from organizations lack of ability to recognize that the world has changed and the old school methods of marketing are no longer as successful as they once were. IF understanding of the importance of digital marketing starts at the upper management level, and the upper level of management has a firm understanding of changes,  addressing it should not be the problem. So, the ultimate issue here is that the entire organizational structure must recognize the need for change before any change to digital will happen. If those at the top lack knowledge so will others. Change needs to happen at the upper management level, without that change there will be a continuous flow of unqualified, incompetent marketers flubbing their way through the digital marketing space at the expense of the organization.


Take a look at the slide show below, it will give you an idea of marketers feel they are doing in the digital marketing space.


We are quickly reaching the point where flubbing through the digital marketing space by incompetent marketers will cause harm to the entire organization.


Steps that you should take:

  • Analyze your current traditional marketing strategies.
  • Track the effectiveness of your traditional marketing campaign.
  • Determine what percentage of your marketing campaign should be traditional and how much should be digital.
  • Hire a QUALIFIED Digital Marketer/Strategist and allow them to do their job.
  • DON’T try to apply traditional marketing strategies to digital marketing.
  • Embrace digital marketing because it’s not going away.


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