It’s NOT the Content of Your Character BUT the Character of Your Content
It’s NOT the Content of Your Character BUT the Character of Your Content


It’s NOT the Content of Your Character BUT the Character of Your Content


If your content sucks no one will visit, share or engage. It’s just that simple! It’s sort of like the family member that can’t cook and is always willing to cook for the holidays. Have you ever noticed that no one visits that family member during the holidays? There are always a multitude of reasons NOT to visit! Oh I have to get a root canal, my hamster needs a new cage, or oh I have a toenail fungus that is just out of control.  Most will say anything NOT to visit?


Well, this is the same as bad content.  WHY would a person, visit, share or engage with you page, blog or social media channel when your content is equivalent to aunt Margie’s “gone wrong” Thanksgiving Day biscuits? Just like there are so many other places to eat, there are so many other places to get great content. YOU won’t be able to compete until you step your content game up just as Aunt Margie can’t compete with the Rachel Ray of the family.


The goal in content creation is placing your company content in the position to be viewed as the GO-TO source for information, which presents your organization as the voice of the authority in your field. YOU do not; however want to be known as the creator of content that is subpar, as it is a reflection of your organization.


People have almost fully transitioned from accessing content by traditional means to reading most of their content online. So this presents organizations with the unique opportunity to provide information of value to readers. This means that organizations should be working to create quality content and in order to do this there must be an understanding of the fundamental reasoning behind content creation.


It’s NOT the Content of Your Character BUT the Character of Your Content, meaning if you are currently creating content, make sure that it is good and that it is a positive representation of your organization. You can do this by thinking of the content that you are creating as if you are producing a commercial or ad about your organization. This could be content about company capabilities, company news, fun events or something similar.  The goal is to give people an idea of what your company has to offer and a bit of a peak into the culture of your organization.


So if your organization is providing bad content, that is a reflection of what your company is all about and it can have a negative impact on your brand, especially if it is subpar.  The creation of great content is so important in our digitally focused world. This is especially the case with the creation of online content because anything posted online could always remain a part of your organizations digital footprint indefinitely. Content posted online cannot be pulled back, once it is out there it’s out there.


The take away:

Step your content game up, present your organization in a positive way and make a conscious decision to ROCK your digital footprint!


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