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February 2014

Power Up Your #LinkedIn Profile [Slideshow]

Power Up Your #LinkedIn Profile [Slideshow]
Power Up Your #LinkedIn Profile [Slideshow]

Power Up Your #LinkedIn Profile [Slideshow]

LinkedIn is one of the absolute best resources online for pursuing a new career, advancing in your current career, networking or exploring partnership opportunities. There is no greater business focused, social media platform that allows you the opportunity to connect with such a wide range of business people.

I recently spoke to a few young people that were looking for new employment opportunities and they were ALL unaware of the potential lurking behind this powerful career platform. So, I started explaining to them how important it was for them to have a presence on LinkedIn.

Anyone that is in the market for a job or even if a person is just thinking that they will be searching for a new job or opportunity, LinkedIn is the BEST place to start their search. With most employers using social media as an avenue to search for employment candidates, chances are that these employers will start with LinkedIn. So, it is imperative that one should make sure their LinkedIn Profile is up to par and powered up!

LinkedIn can often be overlooked as a part of the jobs search process, because it is rather business oriented as compared to traditional job boards. This platform should be used in addition to traditional job boards. I would even go so far to say that LinkedIn should be used as the primary source for job search because it adds a social and networking aspect that traditional online job boards just do not have.

One of the benefits of LinkedIn is that employers tend to pay way more to list jobs on LinkedIn than a traditional job board. This is an indication that they are willing to do what is necessary to find the best candidate for their available positions.  Companies that are willing to invest more to find great talent will be more likely to offer greater benefits, treat their workers better and do more to make sure that they hold on to their employees because they value them. YOU want to be that candidate and ultimately be the employee that is valued.

So, take a look at the slide show below to give you tips on how to Power Up Your LinkedIn Profile!

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Superbowl Commercials and How @TIDE Did IT RIGHT

Superbowl Commercials and How @TIDE Did IT RIGHT
Superbowl Commercials and How @TIDE Did IT RIGHT

Superbowl Commercials and How @TIDE Did IT RIGHT

All of my friends are very familiar with my Bleeding Green love for The EAGLES. Due to this I am not overly enthused about The Superbowl, mostly because The Eagles haven’t played in a Superbowl for quite a while. No, I’m not bitter or anything.  Bygones.  So, due to The Eagles perpetual no-show in the Superbowl for so many years, I usually resign myself to indulging in the halftime show if there’s a good act and watching the fabulous commercials.

Well, this year The Eagles looked pretty good even though they didn’t make the Superbowl. I’m not bitter or anything. So, I decided to create a cool Eagles tribute video during the Superbowl hoopla. In addition to video creation, I resigned myself to watching some pretty darn fabulous Superbowl commercials and was actually looking forward to it. I was especially looking forward to the GoDaddy commercial, which was due to show a woman quitting her job live. Considering that 71% of people hate their jobs, this would have been an interesting thing to see.

Did I say that I look forward to the Superbowl commercials because The Eagles usually aren’t playing in the Superbowl? Did I also say that I wasn’t bitter about that? Well, guess what? MY Superbowl commercials were “Leaked” so now my total Superbowl experience has been altered. No EAGLES, No commercials and a halftime show that was high on the “Meh” list.

The marketing teams that decided to “Leak” the commercials, due to the buzz created last year from the leaked commercials by way of social media channels to create a similar buzz may have done themselves a disservice. The creativity of this move was nonexistent.

Tide, on the other hand took creating a buzz to another level with the rocking use of Vine and Twitter. Tide created a fun and amazing line of videos referencing the Superbowl, yet still promoting their product.

What Tide did is an indication of the path that some of the more creative companies will be utilizing to take their marketing strategies to the next level. Companies that really GET where new media marketing is going, will start to utilize much more creative avenues and leverage the many digital marketing platforms that are available to promote their brand.

A slow clap can go either way @Carmax. @Tide is here for the messy ones #GetsItOut #SB48

Mind your wings, please. They can be dangerous @VW @Tide #GetsItOut #SB48

Bear in @beatsmusic ad has serious moves. Our bear? Not so much. Watch out for big bad stains. @Tide#GetsItOut #SB48 

Adding a puppy to the family @Cheerios? Beware of puppy stains. @Tide #GetsItOut #SB48

So, kudos to TIDE for rocking social media, displaying the new direction of marketing and showing that THIS is how a creative digital team get down!

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