What Organizations Could Learn From The #VeronicaMarsMovie Kickstarter
What Organizations Could Learn From The #VeronicaMarsMovie Kickstarter

What Organizations Could Learn From The #VeronicaMarsMovie Kickstarter

I’ve been a huge advocate of technology, continued growth of technology and our ability to move toward the point where technology would play an even larger role in our lives. I embraced QR codes back in the day when no one even knew what a QR code was, I’ve been working with augmented reality and I have been looking forward to the semantic web.  I won’t even mention my continued outraged that we have not realized our technological potential yet, to the point where we have flying cars. I will feel as if we’ve arrived technologically, when The Jetson’s era of the flying automobiles are standard like sports cars or SUV’s.  I will continue to be a little disappointed that we are still not flying about, speeding above traffic and or zooming our way around traffic jams, as we should be at this point in our lives. I’m not bitter or anything; it’s just an observation.

Well, considering that we are no longer attached to the wall for our phone usage, we carry around pocket-sized computers called mobile devices and we live in an era where said mobile devices have single handedly changed how we communicate.  I can’t be totally disappointed about those advancements but, you know, the flying car thing. In spite of, you know the flying car thing, I am still bowled over by technology and it’s amazing advancements. This is one of the reasons that I continue to be astounded that there are still a percentage of people that have not embraced it yet.  As if anyone would want technology to roll backward to allow those that have not embraced it to wallow in their paper driven comfort zones at the expense of more technological growth, and maybe a few flying cars.  Not bitter. Ok, bygones.

There have been many indications that technology will continue to grow and excel at a quicker rate of speed than ever. The difference in this growth of technology as compared to growth of different industries in the past is that, people, consumers and their unquenchable need to consume information have been driving this technology and social media growth.  People want to share information with their friends, family and colleagues continuously. Social Media platforms have presented the opportunity to do so.

One of the most drastic changes in technology has been the ability for regular, every day people to make a difference by reaching out to people and organizations seamlessly.  Just a few years ago, this would not have been possible. This has had a profound effect on both the people that are reaching out AND the people and / or organizations that have been reached.

This is most evident in how regular everyday folks used their voices online to prompt an action. One of the most amazing displays of social media, used for change happened recently and it was a game-changer because social media was utilized to change a traditional media action.  That action utilized the online fundraising platform Kickstarter to bring back TV show Veronica Mars, which was cancelled after 3 seasons. I never watch the show but that really doesn’t matter. The point here is that THIS was a huge thing. It was amazing example of how; due to social media channels the voices of regular people were heard louder and most importantly prompted an action.

Technology is a given

The power of the people has been a driving force behind social media and has the ability to make tangible changes, when that force and drive are loud enough. The voices were loud and reverberating with the fans in regard to their need to see the series Veronica Mars come to the big screen and that prompted an action.

At one time, when a TV show was cancelled there was just nothing else to be done. There was NO coming back unless the network deemed it so. At best, fans of a cancelled show could try to get a printed petition together and try even harder to get that petition to the powers that be. WELLz, that was then and this is now, times are –a – changin’.

Social Media has given a powerful voice to people that previously had no power to create this kind of change.  Now people have the power to spearhead change, and prompt action, whether it’s getting a petition to The Whitehouse or getting their darling Veronica Mars pushed to the big screen.  In this situation fans felt so passionate about this show that they took matters and fundraising into their own hands by raising the funds needed by way of Kickstarter to get the production of the film moving.

Organizations that remain clueless about the power of the people driving change through social medial should check out the Veronica Mars Kickstarter fundraiser.  Rob Thomas created the project with the goal of raising two million dollars in 30 days and just 11 hours later they HIT their 2 million dollar goal. YES, 11 hours!  Rob’s fundraising team didn’t stop at 2 million dollars, so the fundraising continued. The last time I checked, they were up to $5,702,153. THIS is the power of the people and the power of social media to prompt an action.

Veronica Mars Kickstarter
Veronica Mars Kickstarter

People; have been very social in regard to the media that they’ve consumed and how they’ve share media content with friends, colleagues and family.  The sharing of content has been a powerful driving force behind social media and this is what has made the Veronica Mars Kickstarter fundraiser so successful. This could NOT have been accomplished utilizing traditional media channels and antiquated marketing techniques. Utilizing social media strategically allowed the masses to become the media and they seized that power to make things happen. THIS is why social media cannot and should not be ignored by the many organizations that have been resistant to change.  The power of the people and the share button should not be minimized by anyone, especially organizations in this social media driven era!

Cover of "Veronica Mars"
Cover of Veronica Mars

The Veronica Mars movie project was, I’m sure just one of the many projects to come, that will grow legs and sprint ahead due to the power of social media, community, sharing and the voice of the people.  Organizations must start to recognize the powerful voices of the community and utilize them to reach out to customers, clients and the public at large. The days of marketing teams sitting in their office cranking out pre-packaged messages and making arbitrary decisions are a thing of the past because we do live in a different world now. Those that cancelled the original Veronica Mars TV show, I’m sure are dumbfounded by the power of the people and the use of social media to get this project off the ground.

Organizations must recognize and empower their marketing teams in order to harness the power of social media for the good of the company as well as the good of clients and customers.  Can we say BRAND AMBASSADORS??

Social Media is, now a part of our lives regardless of some organizations that chose to opt out. Advice: Catch up or be left behind and crushed by your competitors.

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