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2012: More Spend Toward Online Marketing [Infographic]

As we know online methods of marketing are being used more than ever and as time goes on more and more of the budget will be allocated toward online methods of advertising and marketing. Mobile marketing spend will play a much larger role in marketing budgets moving forward.  Take look at the infographic below to give you an idea of who will be spending what in which areas:

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#Technology and #Entrepreneurship: The Answer To The Recession?? [Infographic]



We are in a recession, no doubt about that and it is tough. However recession and a tough economy can bring out the entrepreneur spirit in many people.  In tough times people are almost forced to step it up.   Some of the greatest companies in the world were created during tough economic times.  There are many, one of those companies is Apple, can you believe that?



Amazing stuff!  It seems that due to our own economic downturn we could very well be in the middle of our own entrepreneurship boom and I think a lot of that is fueled by the super quick growth of technology.  Take a look at the infographic below to give you an idea of where innovation is happening:


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Technology Growth: Look Beyond Silicon Valley For Your Next GIG [Infographic]


As we all know technology has grown and I am hearing that there may be a challenge for companies to find workers in this industry due to the big boom.  I am definitely all for a consult in the Philadelphia area anytime and I’m sure lots of other people are looking for that next consult or even gig.  The people in my circles always have room for another consult (cha-ching…that’s my catch phrase…seriously)

So what’s a person to do, head out to Silicon?  Umm yeah, as glamorous as that seems, the average person just can’t pick up and leave, family, kids, good cheesesteaks. Yeah did I say Cheesesteaks?  Well there may be at least one other option. Take a look at the infographic below to give you an idea of where you could start.


Silicon Valley & Alley - MBA@UNC

Via MBA@UNC: Online MBA

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Apples To Apple, Why #Apple REALLY #RAWKS [Infographic]

Apples To Apples

We all know that Apple Rocks!  However sometimes we forget about the impact that Apple has had on technology in general. They are really a ground breaking company that has really taken cool gadgets to another level. If Apple had not played such a huge role in technological advancement I don’t believe we would have grown at the rate that we have.

Take a look at the fun but very informative Infographic comparing traditional apples to APPLE the technology power house. Silly comparison, comparison aside this infographic will give you an idea of how awesome Apple is. It makes you look forward to what the future has in store for us all in regard to ground breaking Apple technologies.

Apple to Apples
Created by: MBA Online

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The Evolution of #Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]



I am a huge advocate of Social Media in general and I believe Facebook plays a huge role in what social media has evolved into.   People tend to go on and on about how they hate Facebook, Invasion of Privacy blah..blah..blah. However we all have to realize the important life altering role that Facebook has played in how we communication and actually how we live  now.

Although there are a lot of channels that proceeded Facebook, they are the platform  that has made it possible for us to as social engaged as we are now. Good, Bad or Ugly Facebook has changed the entire world.  Take a look at the infographic below to give you a Timeline of those changes.


The Evolution of Facebook Features

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Millennials Are Rockin’ Technology But Don’t Rule Out The Rest of Us [Infographic]


Millennials ( 18 -29 year olds) are the primary target market for so many industries, technology is just one of them. However there Gen Xers are right behind them in regard to technology.   If you are considering using Millennials in any marketing campaign as your demographic, check out the information in the Infographic below, it will give you an idea if you are on there right path.

Created by: Online Graduate Programs


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#Facebook, Kids and Grades: Maybe it’s Not As Bad As We Think [Infographic]

Facebook and Education

Facebook and Social Media has literally touched every area of the lives of most people, even those that don’t realized it. As an Internet Marketer I view it as a totally positive thing. What’s not to love.

Well recently Facebook has been under a bit of fire and there have been some statistics that report a negative impact on kids school work due to Facebook usage.   I am pleased to report that maybe it is not quite as bad as we originally thought.  Take a look at the infographic below to give you the facts.

Facebook and Grades

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#SocialMedia The Route To Your Next Gig [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media being used to prescreen: Be aware of what you post
Social Media has pretty much replaced most forms of traditional print media so it is totally understandable that the hunt for a job has been also effected by social Media.  I have seen lots of social media channels advertising jobs and even some channels that have even created a company job board.

Take a look at the infographic below to give you an idea of how much the job market has been changed by Social Media

Social Job Search
Created by: MBA Online



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Mobile Phones on College Students

I just wrote a post about how important it is for Colleges and Universities to embrace Social Media and technology more so that they can reach the you mobile student populations. It seems that mobile is booming with students even more than I thought. This is a bigger reason for Universities and Colleges to reach out and grasp technology in an even larger way.

Take a look at the Infographic below to give you an idea of just how important mobile phones are to the college age demographic.

Generation Mobile
Created by: HackCollege

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